Apple iPhone 7 32GB Has 8x Slower Storage Performance Than Bigger Variants

It has been a few weeks since GSMArena revealed that 32GB variant of the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have slower data write speeds than their 128GB and 256GB counterparts. Recently, Unbox Therapy‘s Lewis Hilsenteger justified the same in one of his videos. Lewis conducted several speed tests, confirming the differences in storage performance between 32GB Apple iPhone 7 models and other configurations.


In the video, Lewis used free PerformanceTest Mobile app on two iPhone 7 variants — 32GB and 256GB. Both the variants recorded similar read speeds. The 32GB variant had 656 MBPS of read speed whereas the 256GB variant had 856 MBPS of read speed. However, there was a huge difference in terms of write speeds. While the 256GB variant recorded 341 MBPS of write speed, the 32GB model recorded merely 42MBPS of write speed, resulting in 8 times slower storage performance than the 256GB variant.

Lewis also conducted a real-world performance test by transferring a 4.2GB movie file from his MacBook to both the iPhone 7 variants. On the 256GB variant, it took more than two and a half minutes to transfer the file. The 32GB variant, on the other hand, took over three and a half minutes to share the same file.

However, this performance difference isn’t much of a surprise considering that SSDs with larger capacity generally perform better than the smaller ones. In case you are storage conscious, you might have to shell out extra cash to get the 128GB or 256GB model.

Tanmay Patange

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