Apple iPhone’s Prices Increase in India as Import Duties Rise

On: December 18, 2017

The Indian government increased the import duty on mobile phones last week. It currently stands at 15%, up from the existing 10%. This increase will reflect in the prices of phones by manufacturers that don’t ‘Make in India’. Apple is the first brand to revise its mobile (iPhone) rates. Prices of other Apple products including iPads and Macs still stay the same in India.

All the iPhone models ranging from the iPhone 6S to the latest iPhone X have received an increased price tag, albeit marginally. The only exception of this hike is iPhone SE as it is currently assembled in India. Thus, import duties have no impact on its final pricing.

It is also worth noting that the increased price for iPhones is the MRP (Maximum Retail Price). Third-party retailers or online sellers might still sell it at cheaper prices. So, if you are looking to purchase an iPhone, a bit of bargain-hunting might get you a lower price. However, official Apple retailers will sell at the original MRP.

In July, Apple had slashed the price of its complete product lineup in India which included iPhones, iPads and Macbook laptops. This price cut was due to GST implementation in the country. But with the increase in iPhone’s price now, the price cut seems to be nullified.

The old, new and price increase in different iPhone models are as follows:

In the coming years, we can expect iPhone prices to stay unaffected due to increase in import duties as they will eventually be made in India. Apple has built a plant in Bangalore which will be able to manufacture and assemble all the iPhones in the country itself.

Image created by Shradha Bodke.

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