Apple MacBook Pro’s Biggest Overhaul in 4 Years is Coming Soon; But not in September

The murmurs of a major upgrade coming to the MacBook Pro lineup have been getting stronger and recently have picked up pace with several of those who have a fine record of breaking Apple stories, confident of the refresh happening. It was initially expected that Apple will club the launch of the new iPhone with the upgraded MacBook Pro lineup, but that has been quashed, and looks like the event most likely on the 7th of September will focus only on the new iPhone and not MacBook.

OLED screen

However, that does not take away from the fact that Apple has been testing out the new Pros for a while now. There have been reports that the machine will feature a secondary OLED panel that would basically shift or change according to the application that is running on the system. You would be able to for example, see music playback controls when iTunes is the app in the foreground and perhaps other shortcuts or menu items when apps like Keynote are running.

It has also been reported that the new MacBook Pro will be thinner and will have a smaller size than the current series. The trackpad is set to be bigger and the machine would ship with a fingerprint scanner in the form of TouchID too in order to keep your data really secure.The graphics performance, as well as the general performance of the machine, would be bumped up from the current generation. Unlike the integrated Intel graphics, Apple is said to bring AMD on board and even offer a higher and more powerful machine with a dedicated AMD chip in the new MacBook Pros. The machine will come with USB Type-C port as well as the latest macOS Sierra update. Apple may also decide to bring the machine in several interesting colours like Rose Gold, Grey and Silver like they did for the new MacBook. It is not clear when the new machine will start selling, but most likely we should know all about the lineup by the holiday season as that would be the period Apple would be looking to encash upon the growing interest in the MacBooks. It is backed by the stat that for the first time since 2012, that the number of Macs sold outgrew that of the iPad in 2015. With the refreshed lineup, Apple would be looking to generate more interest around the category, that they thought or at least claimed, was not going to survive for too long. Funny, right?


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