Apple may have shelved its self-driving car in favour of a standard EV


  • As per a new report, Apple is moving away from its self-driving car project
  • The company is now reportedly focusing on a standard EV instead
  • Apple’s first-ever automobile may now arrive only by 2026

Apple’s ambitions in the self-driving car segment are well documented. However, as per a new revelation, the company may be pivoting to a regular electric car instead. It’s unclear what led the iPhone manufacturer to change its plans for a self-driving automobile, but there’s still some hope for fans.

As per AppleTrack, the manufacturer will launch a sub-$100,000 (~Rs 82.34 lakhs) electric car instead by 2026, while the company was originally expected to release its first car by 2025. Although a fully self-driven automobile is no longer being considered, Apple could still offer some autonomous capabilities with its electric car, similar to Tesla’s FSD package.

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Mashable India further reports that this self-driving mode on the Apple EV will allow drivers to take their hands off the steering and watch media content or play games while maintaining vehicle control. The publication adds that the Apple electric car will make its way to North American roads first, followed by the rest of the world.

A screengrab of the next-gen Apple CarPlay from WWDC 2022

Let’s remember that these are speculative reports, and Apple hasn’t confirmed nor denied these claims. This is unlikely to change over the next couple of years as the manufacturer maintains a high degree of secrecy around its products. We expect the company’s first-ever automobile to be more closely guarded than any other device it has launched so far.

It was initially believed that Apple’s first EV would cost upwards of $120,000 at launch, so news about the vehicle costing less than $100,000 is certainly encouraging. However, the price tag would still put it beyond the vast majority of the global population, which is no different than most Apple products currently available in the market. I guess some things never change.

Could the looming recession be a factor in Apple’s decision?

Apple’s decision to move away from a self-driving car may have something to do with forecasts of a recession in 2023. Factors like the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic followed by the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict have certainly exacerbated the economic uncertainty worldwide, and even a trillion-dollar company like Apple may not be immune.

Source: AppleTrack – Twitter

Via: Mashable India