Apple Might Be Finally Bringing Touch Screens To Macbooks: Report


  • Apple could be working on touch screen MacBooks.
  • OLED displays are coming to MacBooks.
  • It could launch by 2025.

At the launch of the MacBook Pro, Steve Jobs said, “Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical. It doesn’t work. It’s ergonomically terrible.”

But Apple isn’t a Steve Jobs company anymore; a lot has changed since then. But Apple is yet to launch a touchscreen MacBook. But that may change as a new report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple is working on an OLED MacBook Pro with touchscreen support.

The report suggests that Apple engineers are actively working on the project, and Apple is seriously considering producing touchscreen MacBooks.

Apple has been reluctant to add a touchscreen to its range of Macbooks, citing the same reasons Steve Jobs suggested back then. Not only that, the company would have been fearful about cannibalising the sales of Apple iPads.

But on the Windows side, the rivals have been experimenting increasingly with touch screens and various other form factors. This has put more pressure on the Cupertino giant.

Apple MacBook Pro


Bloomberg also reports that according to the current internal deliberations, Apple could launch the first touchscreen OLED MacBooks in 2025 as part of a refresh to the MacBook Pro series.

Adding a touch screen on MacBooks doesn’t come with a major design change to the line; the screen will support touch inputs, and the current trackpad and keyboards will remain the same. Apple could be tweaking MacOS to be more optimised for touch inputs. Apple can also be expected to introduce touch screens to more Mac lineups soon.

It is also reported that as part of the MacBook Pro revamp, Apple is planning to switch the displays of MacBooks from LCD to OLEDs. All the current generation iPhones come with OLED displays. The same tech would soon be employed in MacBooks as well.