Apple Releases Press Invites for September 12 Event – New iPhones, Watch Series 3, iOS 11 & More

On: September 1, 2017

Cupertino based Apple Inc. has finally sent out press invites for their upcoming event which is to be held on 12 September 2017 in their brand new campus. The company has always scheduled its event on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the first half of September; this allows enough time for the products to hit shelves just in time for the holiday season. What can we expect from this year’s event? Let’s find out.

The Tenth Edition iPhone – Star of the Event

The iPhone 8 or the iPhone Edition, be what it may be called, it will definitely be the star of the event. It has been the most awaited device for over a year now and a lot of hopes are riding on it. It is also expected to feature a brand new design breaking the long chain of monotonous design language Apple has followed right from 2014. The design overhaul is also expected to be coupled with tons of ground-breaking new features, be it the bezel-less display, the vertical and improved dual-camera setup or the mystery behind the new TouchID sensor. There have been numerous leaks regarding the looks of the new iPhone and we almost know how it would look like but there are still a couple of gray areas where Apple can blow our minds.

The iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S Plus – The faster siblings with a familiar design

The 2016 iPhone lineup, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is expected to see a specification upgrade and a new suffix to the name – The S series. The iPhone 7S series is expected to feature a brand new chipset, the 64-bit A11. Also according to leaks, the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus although featuring a familiar design, will now come with a glass back. The glass back suggests that the new smartphones will support wireless charging. This is also in line with Apple’s history with the company adding one distinct feature to the S models that the normal ones don’t sport, to specify, the introduction of TouchID in the 5S and the 3D Touch on the 6S.

Image Credits – EverythingApplePro

Watch series 3 – The third iteration towards smart wearables

The Apple watch 1 was criticized for being an overpriced luxury gimmick and to rectify this, the Apple watch 2, although still priced to be a luxury wearable performed pretty well. We are expecting the Apple Watch 3 to follow its predecessor’s legacy and bring even more functionality to the users. The new watch, according to a few reports is expected to be LTE compatible. There is expected to be an LTE and a non-LTE variant, similar to the iPad. What this would mean is that users will now be able to use the Watch as a standalone device to send texts, stream music and perform other internet dependent functions. In terms of size and design, there is no change expected and it will still come in a 38mm and 42mm variant. Together with this, we should expect to see more health based hardware upgrades and new straps to also make an appearance.

iOS 11 – The heartbeat to all Apple mobile devices

Apple’s proprietary software, iOS 11 is now in its 9th and final Beta version and we can expect it to bring in a ton of new features and bug fixes. The new OS from Apple was first announced at WWDC in June and has since undergone a whopping 9 Beta iterations to make it absolutely bulletproof from all sort of bugs and security threats. iOS 11 is expected to also be the first OS from Apple to feature a 64-bit architecture through and through, and it will no longer run apps that are not optimised to do so. As a valuable addition, iMessages on the new OS is also expected to support peer-to-peer payments.

When can we expect to see the products in the flesh?

Apple unveils their products during the event in the first half of the month with the products’ rollout closely followed by it and this should be what to expect this time around as well. However, there have been several rumours relating to the delay of the iPhone 8 due to the difficulty faced by the company in the supply chain. Considering the rumours, we should tentatively expect the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus to arrive by second to the third week of September, and the iPhone 8 making an appearance by mid-October.

The eleventh iteration of iOS should be available as an OTA update soon after the event. This will also be complemented by other proprietary Apple software such as WatchOS, MacOS and TvOS that will also see an OTA update.

Are you excited about what is to come from the Cupertino based giant? Do let us know your views and opinions in the comments section below.