Apple rumoured to be working on a 15.5-inch MacBook Air


  • This is as per DSCC’s Ross Young
  • Apple only updated the MacBook Air lineup earlier this year
  • The company is also planning an M2 Max refresh for the MacBook Pro

Recent reports gave us an insight into the refreshed variants of the Apple Mac Studio and the MacBook Pro lineup, destined to launch later next year. We can now add an all-new MacBook Air model to the list of rumoured Macs arriving in 2023, courtesy of a revelation made by DSCC’s Ross Young.

The analyst claims that the Cupertino-based manufacturer could launch the largest MacBook Air ever, outfitting it with a 15.5-inch screen. Young further says that this refreshed variant could break cover by Spring next year (March – June 2023). As 91Mobile points out, previous reports have talked about a 15.2-inch screen for the upcoming MacBook Air model, so we’re taking Young’s claims with a grain of salt for now.

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Other reports have suggested that the Air models may also receive a CPU upgrade, with the company rumoured to use the M2 or the M2 Pro underneath. Fans will remember that Apple updated the MacBook Air lineup earlier this year, so the wait for the rumoured 15.5 or 15.2-inch model may be some distance away.

The recently refreshed MacBook Air

Foldable iPads also rumoured

In addition to larger MacBook Air models and iPhone 15 Ultra rumours, we’ve also heard quite a bit about Apple’s formal entry into the foldable segment, starting with the iPad in a 10-inch avatar plus a whopping 20-inch foldable MacBook.

It’s not a new phenomenon for speculations and rumours to go into overdrive when it’s about an Apple product. The company is famously secretive about its upcoming products, and we expect that trend to continue as we head into 2023.

Source: Ross Young