Apple to reportedly use new scissor switch keyboard in 2019 MacBook Air and 2020 MacBook Pro

Apple started using the butterfly keyboard on its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air starting from 2015. The keyboards have a blemished track record and are proven to be unreliable. Now, a report by reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple is likely to replace its ill-fated butterfly keyboards with a new scissor switch keyboard.

The report also explains how scissor switches are more durable and will offer longer key travel. Apple will reportedly begin offering the new keyboards on the 2019 MacBook Air and the 2020 MacBook Pro. This will be the first time that a MacBook will come with a scissor switch keyboard. The new keyboard will use glass fibre to reinforce the keys.

Kuo also says that Apple’s butterfly design was difficult to manufacture due to low yield. While the new keyboard will still cost more than the traditional keyboard, it will still be less expensive than the butterfly keyboard. Apple has been working on bettering butterfly keyboards since the past couple of years. Users have complained about stuck keys, repeated key inputs, and also the sound that it makes with each keystroke.

Earlier Apple had issued a recall to fix affected MacBook keyboard. In the latest MacBooks, the company decided to add a membrane underneath the keys in a bid to stop dust from entering. However, even the latest MacBook Pro exhibited the issues of the previous ones. It seems like Apple is doing the right thing by ditching the butterfly keyboard in favor of scissor-switch type.