Apple Confirms: It Slows Down Old iPhones Over Time For a Good Reason

It has been an old myth about OEMs slowing down their older phones compelling users to buy their new phones. This slowing down of devices has been associated with multiple reasons like memory leak, which is more common among Android phones. For Apple’s iPhone though, which are known to have superior RAM handling capabilities, it has been long speculated that Apple was slowing the older iPhones down through software updates.

Update: Apple has now confirmed that it does slow down older iPhones that have weaker batteries. Also as pointed out by Tom Warren, your iPhone could tell you if your battery is weak. Here’s how:

In a recent benchmark test, it was revealed that it wasn’t just a myth but the Cupertino based company was actually slowing down their older iPhones. This, however, isn’t for a reason you had suspected – to compel you to buy the latest iPhone X. The slowing down of the processor speed has more to do with the battery on your older iPhone.

Battery life is something iPhones have been lacking for many years now. Not long back, the iOS 10 update brought an unusual bug to the iPhone 6 and 6s. With that bug, the iPhone would shut off despite 20% battery still left. This was due to the lack of adequate voltage required to process the phone’s software. This was fixed later by the company through a software update.

Image Source – EverythingApple Pro

Apple in their update logs didn’t state how it was fixed but put it in a more subtle way, calling it a mere fix to battery life. Unknown to users, this was done at the cost of processing power. With batteries getting older on iPhones, it gets more difficult for the hardware to run on lower voltage. Hence, the software is capable of detecting the life of the battery and throttling the processor respectively.

In simple words, the battery on your old iPhone is responsible for its slow performance. This can be easily fixed by replacing it through an Apple representative or even a local repair shop (considering the fact that the old phone may already be out of warranty). This is a cheaper alternative than buying a new iPhone altogether. It will also help you squeeze a couple of more months or even years from your old phone. On the other hand, if the new bezel-less display is something you really want, you can always opt for the more powerful iPhone X.

Source: Reddit