Apple to roll out iOS 16.2 Beta with support for 5G in India next week


  • Apple is set to release a beta build of iOS 16.2 next week
  • It will reportedly come with support for 5G in India
  • The final rollout of 5G is already confirmed to happen in December

Last month, Apple announced that it will roll out a 5G support update for iPhones in India by December. However, the exact date for the final launch of 5G services remains unclear. As per a report by The Indian Express, the Cupertino-based company will roll out a beta build of iOS 16.2 with support for 5G connectivity in India next week. 

The development comes after the government pushed OEMs to release 5G software updates for devices. The latest generation cellular network was launched last month. 

iphone 13 cover photo

iPhone 13

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Apple to roll out 5G support in India with iOS 16.2 Beta

iOS 16.1 was rolled out recently. Now, Apple is already working on iOS 16.2 and the beta version is expected to release as early as next week. The Cupertino-based tech giant will reportedly begin testing support for the 5G network on Indian iPhone models with the upcoming update. This is ahead of the eventual full-fledged launch of 5G support in December. The upcoming beta build will bring 5G support to the iPhone 14, 13, 12 series and iPhone SE 2022. 

The report by The Indian Express adds that iPhone users on Airtel and Jio networks will be eligible to participate in the Beta Software Program beginning next week. Those who wish to test out 5G services on their iPhones before the final launch may consider updating to the iOS 16.2 Beta by signing up on Apple’s Beta Software Program website. It will also let users access the pre-release of iOS 16.2 software and experience the latest features. 

It’s worth noting that Beta builds are not usually reliable as stable versions. Users may face issues in terms of performance and bugs on their devices. Hence it’s not recommended to install iOS 16.2 Beta on your iPhone, especially if it is your primary device. 


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