Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Edition to Launch on October 28th

Apple is all set to launch the Nike+ Edition of its Watch Series 2 officially on October 28th. The company has quietly updated its website, suggesting that the Nike-branded Watch will go on sale in two weeks. Apple took the entire tech world by storm by launching the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, on September 7. That is when the company also took the wraps off the whole new Apple Watch Series 2. However, the company did not reveal any specific timeline for the launch back then.


By launching the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Edition, the company is taking on established players like Fitbit in the wearable industry for fitness tracking. As a result, Apple and Nike came together to help runners get better results while wearing their smartwatch. The Nike+ edition comes with an aluminum casing and a unique strap that is exclusive to itself.

With the Apple Watch Series 2, the company has taken a more serious approach towards health and fitness compared to its previous counterpart. Previously, the Apple Watch Series 1 was more inclined towards fashion and looks whereas as the Apple Watch Series 2 is all fitness tracking. This is why partnering with Nike for a special edition wasn’t much of a surprise. There are not a lot of changes in terms of overall design and feel.

The Apple Watch Nike+ comes with a built-in GPS that can track your speed, distance, and route. It also comes with a few watch faces that are exclusive. These watch faces also offer information related to the distance and calories burnt from your previous run. You can have a clear view of your fitness data that will help you track your progress. Additionally, you also get reminders of your friends’ shared activity. You can share your run with friends and keep track of their progress as well.

Apple’s Watch Series 2 comes with an improved waterproofing and battery. The Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Edition comes in two sizes, starting at $369 for 38mm and $399 for 42mm.

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