Apple Will Now Offer International Warranty for iPhones Purchased Outside India

Apple has been a brand appealing to a global audience since the very beginning. However, the brand never provided an international warranty for its most popular product, the iPhone. Other products including the iPad as well as the Macbook had this benefit and could be imported/bought from other countries with a valid international warranty. Apple has now updated its terms of international warranty w.r.t iPhones wherein users will be able to claim warranty in India even if their phone is bought from any other country.

This change was introduced a few weeks back, as per some industry sources. Only unlocked iPhones sold in other countries will be eligible for the international warranty. If you purchase an iPhone locked by a foreign carrier, the warranty won’t be valid in India, even if you unlock it manually. Currently, it is not confirmed whether the terms have been amended only for India or all the other countries as well.

This opens up new possibilities for all the iPhone buyers in India. The good part is that this international warranty can also be claimed by those who have bought an iPhone in the past (provided that it is currently under the warranty period). iPhones come with global GSM bands which makes them usable internationally without any network issues. Currently, hardly any other smartphone maker offers an international warranty. With Apple leading the pack, others might be propelled to follow suit too.  

It’s a known fact that iPhones sell at a higher price in India than say US, UAE or Hong Kong among other countries. People prefer to buy or import their iPhone from these countries to get a price cut but this method used to come at a cost of no warranty. This won’t be a problem now. For example, in India the upcoming iPhone X will be sold at roughly Rs. 25,000 more than its price in the US. Those who are looking forward to buy the phone can claim full warranty of the phone as well as avail a price discount.

Apple can now expect to add more iPhone customers, especially in India owing to this term change. Earlier, Apple had also announced that it will make the iPhone X available in the first phase for Indian customers. With such steps, Apple is further strengthening its position in India.

This is indeed a great news which Apple chose to unveil rather quietly. Now that we all know about it, buying from other countries has become an easy decision given that you can claim the device’s warranty in India. Are you looking forward to buy your upcoming iPhone from another country? Let us know in the comments section below.

Aditya Mohanty

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