Apple Will Release macOS Sierra on September 20th

Apple announced the all new iPhone 7 yesterday, in an event held in San Francisco. While the spotlight was shining bring on the new phone, a bunch of new headphone solutions, a new Apple Watch and iOS 10, there was no mention of the macOS Sierra, the latest OS X update that Apple had announced at the WWDC earlier in the year. Just like iOS 10 or the Watch OS 3, the macOS Sierra, has been available in beta for the developers. So, if your machine is running the beta version, you are naturally bound to be curious about the public release of the update.


macOS Sierra will officially be released by Apple on September 20th, a week after they bring iOS 10 to the public. Alongside the iOS 10, the Watch 3 update will also be made public starting September 13th. The biggest incentive to update your MacBook to Sierra is the fact that it brings Siri integration. There are several bug fixes as well as performance enhancements as well.

Apple wants you to use iCloud more with the MacBook and therefore there is a feature in built where several important documents from your Mac are uploaded to the iCloud Drive so that you do not run out of space on the HDD or the SSD on your machine. It is still rumored, that Apple will refresh their MacBook Pro lineup before the year runs out. And if that rumor is to be true, no two ways that the new MacBooks will run macOS Sierra.

Arpit Verma

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