Apple is working on 3-D scanning to identify your face and unlock your iPhone

Apple is reportedly working on a new 3-D Face Scanning technology which will allow unlocking your device through your face. This will embark a new path which Apple decides to tread in terms of biometric authentication. If done right, this might be a huge breakthrough in secure authentication of devices.

As per reports by Bloomberg, Apple is testing a new secure way to help you unlock your phone, initiate payments and open apps, by just scanning your face. This technology will supposedly scan the eye and dimensions of the face to identify the person. It is also being said that a user need not keep the phone close to her face or put it in awkward angles to unlock the phone via this method. It can be done even if it’s laying on a table beside you. All of this may be possible by using a 3-D sensor which Apple is said to be working upon.

According to the insider who claims to hold information regarding this technology, this new sensor is still in works and currently it takes a few hundred milliseconds to unlock the iPhone. Apple will look forward to make this authentication as secure, fast and hassle-free as possible. Thus, there is a very slim possibility that this technology will be seen in this year’s iPhone.

Even Samsung added a new biometric authentication in the form of an iris scanner in their flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. However, this scanner isn’t much secure and can be easily fooled by someone holding a photo-copied image of a person’s eye. This won’t be a problem with Apple’s new technology as it will make use of 3-D depth perception to identify your eyes and face, which will make it less susceptible to be hacked via such methods.

The insider further added that the major intention behind introducing the new 3-D sensor is to replace the TouchID. The TouchID has become a very integral part of Apple’s complete ecosystem and it will be very radical if they eliminate it. However, the face authentication will make use of more data points than a fingerprint scan and this makes it highly secure. This also syncs well with the rumoured renders of the new iPhone 8 which seem to lack a fingerprint scanner. Has Apple already ditched the fingerprint scanner? Or has it placed it under the display like Qualcomm’s new technology allows to do? Only time will tell.

Apple is very enthusiastic about the possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR) via iPhones as well. We saw a glimpse of it in this year’s WWDC in the form of ARKit. This new 3-D sensor might also hold some AR capabilities apart from being a new way to unlock your phone.

It will be very exciting to see if Apple really pulls this off with perfection. Being able to unlock your phone by just looking into it will truly be the most seamless, secure and fastest way to do so, if Apple does it right.

Aditya Mohanty

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