Audi partially reveals the new Activesphere Concept EV


  • The Audi Activesphere concept will be revealed by early 2023
  • However, the EV won’t go into production until 2026
  • The new concept complements Audi’s current EV concepts such as the Skysphere, Urbansphere, and Grandsphere

Audi has teased the launch of its upcoming electric car, known as the Audi Activesphere Concept EV, which it said would launch by early 2023, though it won’t officially arrive for a few years. The manufacturer said the EV would only go into production by 2026. With features like self-driving included, Audi hopes to position itself as the leader of the EV industry with this new concept, though surpassing Tesla won’t be easy.

The German manufacturer said this new concept sedan would be the fourth in the family of Sphere concept EVs, with the ability to “offer maximum variability for an active lifestyle – both on and off-road.” Among the company’s other concept EVs are the Skysphere sports car, the Urbansphere SUV, and the Grandsphere luxury sedan.

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These concepts align well with Audi’s proposed plan to completely shut down the production of standard ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles by 2033. Audi India chief Balbir Singh Dhillon said that ICE models will sell until 2032 to clear out the inventory and gradually shift to fully electrified automobiles. Audi will show off these EVs during the Monterey Car Week which is currently taking place in California, US.

The Audi Activesphere Concept EV

The Indian EV market is currently dominated by Tata Motors

The Tata Nexon EV has emerged as the most popular electric car in India, surpassing a handful of alternatives currently available in the market. Meanwhile, Mahindra recently showcased its lineup of electric vehicles, with the first of them debuting in 2024. Manufacturers like Audi have launched EVs since 2018, although the steep price tag has meant that it couldn’t leave a mark on the Indian EV sphere.

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