YouTuber claims that Batteries of older Samsung Galaxy phones are swelling up, new report finds nothing wrong


  • Older Samsung phones are facing battery swelling issue
  • The problem has been reported by several YouTube tech reviewers
  • Another report claims to have tested over 100 phones and not being able to replicate the issue

Last week, there were reports regarding batteries of old Samsung phones facing swelling issues. This has been found by popular YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss (aka Arun Maini) in a video detailing a worrying set of events. 

Maini discovered several ageing Galaxy smartphones that he has stored over the years in a proper room temperature and position. What’s worrying is that the battery swelling issue is only limited to Samsung devices and not any other phone brand. All older phones from other brands including Apple, Google, and ASUS that the YouTuber checked were unaffected and worked without any issue. 

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Older Samsung Galaxy phones facing battery issues

Samsung has faced a history of battery issues that even made them recall the Galaxy Note 7 units on large scale. However, the South Korean brand’s battery troubles are not a thing of the past. In the initial list, Maini observed that the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S10 suffered from battery swelling. The list then expanded to the Galaxy S8, S10e, S10 5G, and worst of all the not very old Galaxy Z Fold 2. The S20 FE also suffered the same fate but to a lesser extent. The blown-up battery prompted the back panel of some smartphones to pop open. 

Maini acknowledges that the recent heatwave that struck the UK could have raised the atmospheric temperature in the storage room which may also have led to the swelling of lithium batteries. 

The issue gets bigger when Maini found other users reporting the same battery swelling issue on Samsung phones. YouTuber Matt Ansini claimed that every Galaxy phone they had for more than 3 years in their storage had batteries expanded like this. Another prominent YouTuber MKBHD aka Marques Brownlee claimed that the only smartphone battery swelling issues he encounters are from Samsung and never any other brand. JerryRigEverthing who is known for device teardowns also corroborated all these reports.  

Going by the list, it seems like only the Galaxy phones dating before the S20 series are facing the battery issue. Additionally, at present, it has been reported by users who have been storing the device for a long time and haven’t used it regularly. If you own any of the Samsung Galaxy phones, you can check to see if their battery is looking fine. And if it doesn’t users should get in touch with Samsung even if the device is out of warranty. 

New investigative report claims all is well

A new report has now emerged that claims that there is no pattern to these claims. SamMobile carried an investigative piece in which they tested batteries of 100 old smartphones. They had personally checked about 50 devices and collaborated with GalaxyClub to verify another 60 old Samsung phones. In their inspection, these phones did not show any signs of ballooning or battery swelling.

This makes us to believe that this maybe a random issue and nothing to worry as of now.



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