Battlegrounds Mobile India Christmas Event: list of rewards, new modes, weapons and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India is gearing up for the Christmas event with the release of 1.8 update. The South Korean game developer has announced new items and rewards for the Christmas event. Along with the event, the game will feature six popular gaming modes, which will be added to the game soon. 

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The update is currently live on Google Play Store and App Store. The Christmas event is also bringing the new ‘React Survival’ mode to the game. This mode is almost similar to Squid Games’ Red Light and Green Light mode. Furthermore, the update also brings new costumes, weapons, and winter-themed events to the game. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India Christmas event: List of new modes

BGMI Metro Royale

Battlegrounds Mobile India is reopening its popular gaming modes. These modes include the Metro Royale mode, Survive Till Dawn mode, Virus Infection mode and more. Check out the list of gaming modes available in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Christmas event.

React Survival 

In React Survival, players will be transported to the Squid Games Inspired ‘Red Light and Green Light’ area. In order to win in React Survival, players must finish the race without being detected by the giant rabbit. Players can access this mode via the arcade mode section. Moreover, the mode also allows you to create a custom room with your friends. 

Metro Royale

Metro Royale mode is being added to the game for the third time. As usual, the Metro Royale will be a timed mode, and players can participate in the mode in specific hours only. So make sure you check out Metro Royale timings before diving into its post-apocalyptic world. 

Survive Till Dawn 

Survive Till Dawn is a zombie-themed mode. This mode is also debuting again alongside Metro Royale and others. Inside the mode, players have to kill zombies, root items and stay alive. The mode features a good zombie-shooter experience, and you can participate in the zombie feast by going over to the Modes section. 

Virus Infection

The Virus Infection mode allows players to play either as zombies or as humans. Based on which side you pick, the core goal for the players is to kill their opponents. Though this mode is not available right now like most of them, players will be able to play this game once it arrives in the Modes section. 

Heavy Machine Gun 2.0

Heavy Machine Gun 2.0 will feature action-packed battles with cars, trucks, jeeps and helicopters. The mode is famous for its over the top hybrid vehicles, and players can hop into them to fight enemies. The last man standing will be regarded as the winner.

Rune Theme

The Rune Theme adds a supernatural element to the game. Inside the mode, players can choose between 1 out of 3 rune fragments. Based on that element, players can redeem its power to acquire supernatural abilities for their characters. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India Christmas event: new weapons and cosmetics

Apart from the gaming modes, the update also features a new Mythic Winter themed RPM6. This weapon will be available between December 20th, 2021, to January 17th, 2022. Additionally, the update also offers a chance to purchase the Royale pass for 360UC. Here are the items available at the Christmas update event.

  • Mythic Winter themed RPM6
  • Snow Santa Monster Set
  • Snow Santa Monster UAZ
  • Frozen Guardian Set
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