Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) official community policy: do’s and don’ts for players


  • Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has released its Community Policy
  • It mentions basic rules that players are required to follow
  • It also lists activities that players should refrain from

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)’s community policy has been released by Krafton. It provides guidelines on how to maintain a respectful environment on BGMI’s community and social channels. It lists down the basic rules that gamers should follow, and it also mentions those activities that community users should avoid.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is an India-focused alternative to the PUBG Mobile game, which was banned by the Indian government citing security reasons last year. The BGMI launch date seems to be close at hand as its beta version went live on the Play Store earlier today to provide beta testers with early access to the game.

BGMI community policy: what you should follow

Battlegrounds Mobile India-

Battleground Mobiles India will be launching soon in India

Here’s the list of rules BGMI players are expected to adhere to:

  • Being a Good Squadmate
  • Respecting Your Fellow Survivors
  • Promoting a Fair Environment
  • Staying on Topic
  • Call for Back-Up

BGMI has a big community with different levels of experiences, diverse backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. Hence, community users are required to treat others with respect and courteous.

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BGMI expects a community that is free from cheating and exploits. If users spot anyone breaking any of the rules, they may report it through appropriate channels. While in a conversation, members are requested to not to go off-topic. Members can reach out to the community managers and admins to provide important feedback. Users are required to be nice to the managers and admins.

BGMI community policy: what you should avoid

BGMI players are expected to avoid the following, as per the official website.

  • Discrimination
  • Toxic Behavior
  • Promoting an Unfair Environment
  • Sharing Illegal Content
  • Spoiling Information

Community members must avoid disrespecting others through offensive words based on race, gender, nationality, and so on. Users should not only refrain, but also encourage others not to practice unhealthy behavior such as personal attacks, inappropriate names, spamming, discriminatory, racist, sexist, disruptive, and harassing language or interactions.

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The company said that it will have a zero-tolerance policy for people who indulge in cheating in-game or in the community. Distribution and advertisement of illegal software, instructions on how to use illegal software, or files and links to illegal software, posing as a Krafton representative, carrying any kind of fraud, and misinterpretation should be avoided. Community participants are also required to avoid data-mined content and sharing incomplete or out-of-context information.

Battlegrounds Mobile India community violations

Community posts or comments that are found unacceptable will be deleted without prior notice. Indulging in malpractices may result in restricted access to the community. If a community member notices or suspects behaviour that violates the terms of services or policy of its social channels or community, they are required to make use of the reporting process of the respective community/social platform. Readers can visit the source link to read in detail about the community policy of Battlegrounds Mobile India.


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