Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): how to transfer data from PUBG Mobile account, list of transferable items

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the replacement for the banned PUBG Mobile India, is now available in the form of open beta. Krafton, the video game holding company, had earlier announced that pre-registration for the game will begin on May 18th. Now, with open beta access, the South Korean company is offering early access to the game.

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The open beta testing has already reached the maximum number of participants but Krafton plans to offer more slots frequently. This early access to Battlegrounds Mobile India comes amidst critics asking the government to ban the game even before its launch. In concession to government demands, Krafton has to make big changes to the game.

It even announced that the game will use green colour instead of red to symbolise blood. It has also announced plans to build an esports ecosystem in the country. If you are a PUBG Mobile player then one of the things that matters to you is the data. Krafton will allow data transfer, allowing PUBG Mobile players to port their data to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here is what you need to know.

How to transfer data from PUBG Mobile acount to BGMI

Officially, the data transfer can only be implemented to PUBG Mobile accounts linked to Facebook or Twitter. However, there is a workaround to migrate a PUBG Mobile account linked with email or Google to BGMI. Follow the steps below to transfer data from your PUBG Mobile account.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

  • Open Battlegrounds Mobile India game on your smartphone.
  • Agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that are shown when you first log into the game.
  • A new character will be created as soon as you accept the terms.
  • Now, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to proceed with the data transfer.
  • Select ‘Agree’.
  • After selecting ‘Agree’, another window will appear and you can select from which SNS account in the prior app you want to use to transfer data to the new account in the new app.Battlegrounds Mobile India
  • Once again, there will be a window asking if you want to transfer the data from the prior app SNS account.
  • You should now select ‘Agree’.

Once you follow the above mentioned steps, you will see a message indicating that the data from the prior app SNS account has been successfully transferred to the new account in the new app will pop up if the data transfer is successful. In case you have selected the wrong SNS account by mistake, you can add or modify the linked account later from the settings within the game.

BGMI will let you transfer your PUBG Mobile account till December 31st, 2021

Krafton has confirmed that Battlegrounds Mobile India data transfer will apply to all those players who have an account from PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik, also referred to as prior app. The data transfers, according to Krafton, will be available until December 31st, 2021.

During this data transfer process, some of the data from the prior app account will be transferred to the new app. It is important to note that normal gameplay will be possible even if the data transfer is not immediately implemented.

If a player proceeds with the data transfer after playing the game with their new account in the new app, the data from the prior app will replace any data existing on the new app such that all of the player’s progress including purchased items and play data from the new app will be deleted,” the company explained.

Data you can transfer from your old account

From log-in information including nickname, basic info to season status, here is a look at all the data that can be transferred from PUBG Mobile to BGMI.

System Detail
Login Nickname, Character ID
Basic Info
Avatar,Avatar Frame, Title, Name Tag, Flag
User level
Evo level
Basic info setting {Role, My Tags, Signature)
Tier Points
Season rewards and mission progress
Ban/Merit Status Ban status and period of ban
Achievement system
Achievement Points
Achievement Progress
Achievement Icons
Achievement Rewards claim status
Cheer Park Emote equipped in Cheer Park
Space Gift Space Gifts (temporary/permanent)
In-game currency All in-game currency
Weapon skin
Vehicle skin
Loadout skin
X-Suit 1. X-Suit skin upgrade progress
2.Display items acquired through X-Suit skin upgrade in the inventory
Upgradable weapon
Weapon unlock status
Weapon level
Weapon upgrade materials
Weapon part unlock status
Partner system
Partner unlock status
Partner-White Falcon level
Weapon DIY
Acquisition status of Recommended Layout
Custom Layout creation status
Layout slot unlock status
Unlock status of weapon pattern,color and emblem
Number of locked weapon pattern slots
Unlock status of weapon custom pattern and how many can be produced
Mirror feature’s availability on weapon pattern display
Character system
Character acquisition status
Level info after character level-up
Character set unlock status
Character movement unlock status
Character voice unlock status
Vehicle system
Vehicle acquisition status
Vehicle level
Vehicle part unlock status
RP purchase, level, points
RP consecutive purchases and EZ Mission license
RP level reward {status, reward), exchange item {status, reward, exchangeable amounts)
RP theme set {status,reward); RP item (point card, vouchers, levelup cards,mission cards)
Relaunch crate {Crate type,crate item ban status, acquisition status, receipt of reward, crate ban option type, number of crate ban option, crate ban expense, crate replacement status)
Badge level,RP value for RP badge
Room Remaining room cards
Download Status of reward obtained downloaded
Settings Video quality setting :
1.Separate lobby and combat video quality: picture quality, frame setting, screen setting
2.Overall setting: Anti-aliasing, color weakness , shades,brightness,notch screen UI application, automatic adjustment
3.Sound setting: Sound quality,screen sound
volume and sound effect,voice
TOM Weapon settings Customized weapon settings after unlocking weapon and parts in global version
Mission system
Daily Mission data
Progress Missions
Season challenge missions
Daily Missions -Weekly Activity,Season challenge – Season Match Time
Mission card amount
RP mission progress
Tutorial Beginner mission progress
Team- up Platform Team-up voice rating and number of ratings
Ace Badge
Display Ace Badge on the upper right side of the social lobby
Ace Badge display data

Data you can’t transfer from your old account

If you are initiating data transfer, please do note that not all the information from PUBG Mobile can be carried over to BGMI. Here is a list detailing all the information that can be carried forward from prior app to the new game.

System Detail
Log-in Phone number, email linking information
In-game mail Messages and attached items in the in-game mailbox
Ranking Ranking
Ban/Merit Status Merit
Achievement system Achievement Rank data
Friends Friend data such as Platform Friends,In-game
Friend Circle Friend Circle data, saved photo data
Clan Clan data
RP PASS Status of RP Brothers in Arms, asking and giving gifts
Settings After transferring user data from the global version to the New App, did not transfer setting option. Changed options on the New App are successfully
Mission system Event mission progress
Brothers in Arms
Veteran leveland tags
Number of positive training ratings
Tactical drill mission progress {daily & weekly) of a veteran
Single match reward for a veteran
Highest score in Training Ground Highest score in Training Ground
Quick Draw records in Cheer Park Quick Draw records in Cheer Park
Popularity data Detailed Popularity information
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