Best Mobile Apps for Your Kids

On: January 6, 2015
Best apps for kids

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While I am against the idea of converting everything that a child does into an opportunity to educate, if the child has to be captivated by a screen I’d prefer him to learn something overshoot something or kill an element in a game.

As one would expect there is a whole range of apps available. And the list below is just a sample of the variety out there.

AgesMathEnglish Grammar and SpellingGeneral/Concepts
< 6 Tracing 123 (Android | iOS)

At an age where they have to first recognise numbers before they can count, this app uses the Montessori method of teaching kids how to recognize numbers
Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Suess (Android | iOS | Windows)

An interactive eBook of sorts, this and other offerings by the publishers of the Dr. Suess series, gets younger lot of kids interested in.
Baby's musical hands (Android | iOS | Windows)

At an age when kids are exploring how things touch, feel, hear, this is an app that trains their ear to music while allowing them to expore touch at the same time.
6-10 Squeebles times tables (Android)

If you have a child learning tables, you know how difficult it is to motivate them. Try your hand witht his App that tries to makes Math tables fun!
Baloon Word Pro (iOS)

A version of Hangman that doesn't involve hanging a man!
Logo Quiz (Android | iOS | Windows)

Let kids surprise you by how observant they are. They are taking in the world and its symbolism much more than you'd expect. Just watch them recognize corporate logo after logo with this engaging game.
10-13 Fractions (Android | iOS | Windows)

As the child grows older, you have them grasping more difficult concepts like fractions, etc. This is just an example of Math concepts out there. There are actually as many apps as there are concepts. It is up to you to find the one that fits your bill.
Words with Friends (Android | iOS | Windows)

Scrabble anyone? What's more, no time limit and stay connected with your friends. All while your vobulary is tested and improved. You can join in with your child too!
4 pics 1 word (Android | iOS | Windows)

Encourage lateral thinking while kids are having fun with it. This game gives you a set of four pictures that are related in some way. You have to guess the one word that links them together. Another one you can enjoy with your kid. Well they are that age now, your kids!

Depending on your child’s interest and what you want to do with it, it is just a matter of looking up and trying out different apps till you find one that fits the bill for you. Meanwhile, this makes for a good starting point.

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