Top 10 Electric Scooters to Buy in India in 2023: Price, Range, Specifications and More

Electric scooters are all the rage in India right now. Since the first electric scooter was launched, there has been a flurry of activity in the market, with established manufacturers entering the game. The major players in the market, Ola, Ather, TVs, and Hero, have multiple offerings at various price points. So what are the top 10 electric scooters in India? Read this list and find out. 

Bike Name Price Battery Range Charging Time
Ather 450X Rs 1.17 Lakh -Rs 1.39 Lakh  3.7 kWh battery 146 km 6-8 hours
Bajaj Chetak Electric Rs 1.50 Lakh  60.3Ah lithium-ion battery 90 km 5 hours
TVS iQube Rs 87,691 – Rs 1.18 lLakh  3.04kWh lithium-ion battery 100 km 7 hours
Hero Photon Rs 61,866 – Rs 1.02 Lakh  26Ah battery pack, 80 km 8-10 hours
Bounce Infinity E1 Rs. 45,099 – Rs. 70,499 1.9 KWh 85 km 4-5 hours
Simple One Rs. 1.10 to Rs. 1.45 Lakh 4.8 kWh 300+ km/charge 2.75 hours
Hero Eddy Rs. 72,000 30Ah battery pack 85 km 4-5 hours
Ola S1 Rs 99,999 3.97kWh lithium-ion battery pack 170 km 4hrs and 48 minutes
Pure EV EPluto 7G Rs. 89,419 60V 2.5 KWh Portable battery 120 km 4-5 hours
AMO Jaunty Plus Rs. 74,460 60 V / 40 Ah 120 km 3-5 hours

Ather 450X
Ather 450 On-Road Price in Hyderabad : Offers on 450 Price in 2022 - carandbike

Since the 450 electric scooters was launched, it has performed well in the market. Ather has since then come out with an upgraded model, the Ather 450X. It has a 2.7kWh battery that gives you a range of up to 146 km. You can charge this scooter fully in around 5 hours, with a top speed of 80 kmph. With its futuristic design, this scooter has appealed to customers. 

Pros Cons
Handling Availability issues
Good range for daily commutes Rear wheel locks under hard braking
Good top end Switchgear quality needs improvement

Bajaj Chetak Electric
Bajaj Chetak - Check Offers, Electric, Price, Photos, Reviews, Specs @91Wheels

The original Bajaj Chetak was the symbol of middle-class India. The new Chetak in its electric avatar is quite the hit among customers. Coming in two variants, the Urbane which costs Rs 1 lakh and the Premium that costs Rs 1.50 lakh, this scooter features retro styling and has a digital instrument cluster and LED lights as standard. It has a 4kW electric motor that gives you 16 Nm of torque. This scooter comes with a 3kWh lithium ion IP-67 rated battery which takes it 95 km in a single charge. The battery takes around 5 hours to charge and this scooter has a top speed of 78 kmph. 

Pros Cons
Contemporary and stylish design Costly
Mobile app Not available everywhere
Multiple riding modes Limited Range

TVS iQube
TVS iQube - Smart Electric Scooter in India - Price, Features and Specification

This scooter comes in 3 different variants, the iQube S, the iQube ST and the base model, the iQube S. The iQube S and the base model have a 3.4kWh battery that has a real-world range of 100 km if fully charged. The battery uses two types of chargers – one with a 950W output and another with a 650W of output. The former takes 3 hours to fully charge while the latter takes 4 and a half hours to be completely charged. You get a 4.4kW motor that has a top speed of 78 kmph. You also get a TFT touch screen display, smart LED headlamp with DRL, ample 32l storage space and smart HMI controller. Through the touch display you can use navigation, listen to music and much more.

Pros Cons
Multiple riding modes Not available PAN-India
Good looks Costly
Nice motor Low range

Hero Photon
Hero Electric Photon LP - Know Price, Mileage & Features

This scooter’s price, use and range is quite high. The scooter has a built-in battery which takes it to 110 km at 45 kmph. It looks quite simple with a circular helmet. It has a 1.4kWh motor that steals the show. 

Pros Cons
Good build quality Feels old
Good service network Feels plasticky
Removable battery pack Long term issues

Bounce Infinity E1
Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter price in India, specifications, booking, launch date, and more |

This company was famous for its rental scooters. Bengaluru-based Bounce has launched its first scooter. It has a “battery as a service” scheme, which allows you to purchase it with a battery and charger, or include the battery. This scooter is cheap, at a little over Rs 36000.

Pros Cons
Well priced Quality and finish needs improvement
Detachable battery Jerks during ride
Light and agile Almost no storage space.

Simple One
Simple Energy One, Expected Price Rs. 1,00,000, Launch Date & More Updates - BikeWale

With a huge range of 300 km and equipped with an extra battery pack in its boot, this scooter without the extra battery can cover around 235 km on a single charge. A 1.6kWh battery pack is married to an 8.5kW motor churning out around 72 Nm of torque. Around 30L boot space, onboard navigation, riding modes, a phone app and more are on offer. This scooter costs Rs 1.44 lakhs with the additional battery pack and is available in 4 colours – Azure Blue, Namma Red, Grace White and Brazen Black. 

Pros Cons
Futuristic design Not available everywhere 
Good range Costly
Good top end Weak service network. 

Hero Eddy
Hero Eddy electric scooter launched in India at Rs 72,000 - Times of India

This scooter is a small and lightweight low-speed machine, squarely aimed at commuters who travel short distances. It comes with a peppy 250W brushless DC motor married to a 51.2V/30Ah battery pack that gives you a range of around 85 km and a top speed of 25 kmph. The battery takes 5 hours to charge. You get telescopic front suspension, rear and front drum brakes, a flat footboard and 12 inch alloy wheels shod with 90 section front and rear tyres. This scooter is priced at Rs 72000 and is available in two colourways, Light Blue and Yellow. 

Pros Cons
Cheap and reasonable Low top end
Good mileage Build quality questionable
Hero’s effective service network. No fast charging. 

Ola S1
OLA Electric Scooter - OLA S1 Pro Price, Range, Images, Colours, Specifications - BikeWale

This scooter comes in 2 variants, the S1 and S1 Pro and both are loaded with features. 121 km is the range of the S1 while the S1 Pro has a range of 181 km. Their top speeds are 90kmph and 115 kmph respectively. YOu get a good display, proximity unlock, multiple profiles, voice control and more. The S1 costs Rs 99,9999 while the S1 Pro costs Rs 1,29,999.

Pros Cons
First mass produced electric vehicle in India Costly
Good looks Poor service
Lots of technology Many missing features. 

Pure EV EPluto 7G
High Speed Electric Scooter 🛵 in India 2022| EPluto 7G | PURE EV

Equipped with a 2.5kW battery, this scooter has a range of 120 km and a top speed of 60 kmph. You get an LED headlamp, a nice digital instrument cluster, controls to change riding modes and more. You get drum brakes in the rear and a disc brake in the front. You can charge this scooter in 4 hours and even unplug the battery and charge it at home as well. 

Pros Cons
Comfortable ride Drum brakes in the rear
Looks futuristic Not available everywhere
Backrest Poor performance.

AMO Jaunty Plus
AMO Electric Jaunty Plus Price, Range, Battery Charging Time, Top Speed, Images

This scooter has some great features like a brushless DC motor, LED lights, a 120 km driving range, a 60v/40Ah lithium-ion battery, cruise control and a digital instrument cluster. The scooter comes in 5 different colourways namely Yellow/black, red/black/, blue/black, white/black and grey/black. 

Pros Cons
Looks edgy Bad service network
Interesting colourways Less boot space
Great performance Low top end. 

Advantages of Electric Scooters 

High range -Scooters have a higher range than cars and motorcycles. For instance, the Simple One has a massive range of 300 km. 

Good storage space – Motorcycles have no boot storage space. With a scooter, you get a decent amount of under-seat storage. 

Easy maintenance – Maintaining an electric scooter is easy. Periodic service will ensure it stays in top condition.


1) Which brand electric scooter is best in India? 

The Simple One electric scooter is seemingly the best, with a range of 300 km.

2) Which is the best electric scooter in budget ? 

The Hero Photon in this list is the most affordable scooter, with a starting price of Rs 61000

3) Which EV has the highest mileage? 

The Simple One has the highest range – 300 km on a single charge. 

4) How to choose an electric scooter in India? 

There are many points to consider when purchasing an electric scooter. Some of the points you should take into account are price, range, service network and availability.