Best Friend Instagram Captions: 200+ Best and Short Friendship Status, Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Instagram is a great way to keep connected with your best friends. There are millions of users who use this social media app to network with their friends and relatives. So how do you dedicate an Instagram caption/quote to your friend? We have got it all covered! Be it a happy caption, or a sentimental one, our best and short friendship status, captions and quotes will make your day! Read on and find out.

How to use Best Friend Instagram Captions?

Best friends

If you want to dedicate a caption/quote to your best friend, you must take a photo, upload it on Instagram, and write your own caption.  There are several captions for best friends which you can use when you upload content about your best friend online. 

  • Pick out a great photo.  Whether the photo is of both of you from your vacation or a silly selfie it is important to pick the right picture. 
  • Choose the right Instagram caption.  The caption should describe your relationship and should be appropriate for followers.
  • Remember to tag your best friend forgetting to tag or mention means they might not even see the photo.

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Best Friend Instagram Captions/quotes for Boys

Best Friend Instagram Captions for Boys

  • Hi bro
  • Hello brother
  • Dear brother
  • Dear bro.
  • The only therapy required is your best friend’s company.
  • Till the end we will be friends
  • A true friend shares your soul
  • Real friends don’t get affected by insults.  
  • Best friends in your life make you live better
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  • You are my best friend.
  • The secret to life is best friends.
  • It helps if you’re crazy if you want to be my friend
  • Best friends will accompany you anywhere. 
  • My friends help me to get by.
  • Apart from beer you are my favourite
  • Sharing a beer with your best friend- priceless
  • Drinking buddies
  • Best friends are there to share your issues.
  • Best friend forever.

Best Friendship Status for Girls

Best Friend Instagram Captions for Girls

  • Hi bestie
  • Dear bestie
  • Here’s to my BFF
  • BFF Forever 
  • You’re the Betty to my Veronica.
  • In a room full of flats be a pair of heels
  • Keep the basics away with a sass a day.
  • I was innocent and gullible- till my best friend came along.
  • Dear bestie I love you.
  • Besides chocolate, you’re my favourite.
  • We go together like brownies and milk.
  • We can grow old together and cause trouble.
  • Love is beautiful, friendship is better
  • Who needs a boyfriend when I have my bestie.
  • Me and my bestie are a Lethal combination.
  • The ‘she’ to my ‘nanigans.
  • Behind every successful woman is a bestie with mad ideas.
  • We go well together — like bread and butter
  • Best friend? More like my sister.
  • Fix each other’s crown and be a real queen

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BFF Best Friend captions/quotes for Instagram

BFF best friend captions for Instagram

  • Best friend forever.
  • With my bestie by my side life is good. 
  • BFF forever.
  • Best friend
  • Friends are the family that we choose
  • I like you because you are as weird as I am.
  • Live for the moments you can’t explain
  • Good Times + Crazy Friends = Great Memories!
  • On our worst behaviour.
  • Always look beside you and your bestie will be there
  • #MessyBunSquad
  • It is difficult to describe in words some special moments
  • The bags under our eyes are Versace
  • Great friends add booze to your coffee
  • My bestie is my life line
  • Hey Soul Sister
  • All I need is my bestie.
  • You are the sister I never had.
  • Rocking our yoga pants.
  • My BFF is the best

Funny Friendship Status For Instagram

Funny Best Friend Captions For Instagram

  • Our mum couldn’t handle us as sisters. That’s why God made us besties.
  • My best friend is the biggest idiot, and the sweetest person, both rolled into one
  • You can sit with us.
  • Sometimes I get confused between my BFF and I.
  • My best friend is my kind of crazy
  • My best friends know that I’m crazy
  • Dirty house?  No Problem. All your best friend’s want is wine 
  • Till death do us part.
  • Growing old with my BFF
  • Best friend?  She is my sister.
  • Only my friends know my real personality.
  • Friendship is not one big gesture it is made up of a million smaller gestures.
  • A girl can survive without a family but not without a bestie.
  • We find comfort in the chaos.
  • Nothing compares to the good times you spent with your best friend
  • Great adventures that is what life is meant for.
  • I can act crazy in front of my best friends.
  • Happiness is a selfie with friends.
  • If you fall first I will laugh at you before I pick you up.

Short Friendship Status For Instagram

Short Best Friend Captions For Instagram

  • Bestie.
  • BFF
  • My lifeline
  • My support
  • My life support
  • Friends till the very end
  • Friends are beautiful
  • Friendship is to be treasured. 
  • BFF forever
  • I love my crazy bestie.
  • Group Therapy.
  • Good friends are like therapists.
  • Friends make life better
  • Friends become the family we choose
  • Rain or Shine.
  • Forever and Always 
  • Let’s wander.
  • Let The Adventure begin.
  • There is no competition
  • Bestie till the end

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Cute Best Friend Captions/quotes For Instagram

Cute Best Friend Captions For Instagram

  • Girl can live without makeup but not without her best friend
  • A bestie can alter your life.
  • Your bestie is always there beside you
  • You are my better half my human diary and best friend.
  • My bestie is my world
  • Even if you lose trust in yourself your best friend’s trust will always be there
  • My bestie is the cutest
  • My besties company is the best medicine
  • Forgot to love yourself? Don’t worry your best friend will still always love you. 
  • A best friend will always come back..
  • As friends you can sit and do nothing and still have a great time
  • Best friends read between the lines
  • Best friends share your problems.
  • Best friend picks you up when you fall down.
  • Real friends are like family.
  • I have a million memories with my bestie
  • My bestie is irreplaceable.
  • You realise the value of good friends the older you get
  • Friendship is made up of small special moment
  • Friends from beginning to end.

Best Friend Quotes For Instagram Captions 

Best Friend Quotes For Instagram Captions 

  • I would not be so weird in front of anyone else.
  • You are my bestie in this whole world.
  • Dear bestie thank you for everything
  • Life is better with my bestie in it
  • My bestie is my family
  • Good Times + Crazy Friends = Great Memories!
  • On our worst behaviour.
  • Life is meant for Adventures with your bestie
  •  We share moments which cannot be described in words
  • Best friends who Slay together stay together.
  • Nothing can take us apart.
  • A best friend is a rare treasure.
  • Friendship is about finding crazy people like you.
  • We find comfort in chaos
  • Lunch with my best friend is the best day ever.
  • We’re the same kind of weird.
  • The soul is invigorated by a sweet friendship.
  • Good friends are difficult to find and lucky to have.
  • Best friends bring an unbeatable energy

Sassy Best Friend Instagram captions

Sassy best friend Instagram captions

  • Sassy,classy and a little bad-assey
  • My bestie is the most sassy.
  • I wish I could be as sassy as my bestie.
  • It doesn’t get more sassy than my bestie.
  • My bestie is the sassiest.
  • We’re the sassiest best friends you will ever find.
  • My bestie is sass personified.
  • Sassy friends make this world beautiful.
  • I am never short of entertainment thanks to my sassy bestie.
  • Sassy by default
  • Sassy by nature
  • Naturally sassy.
  • Sweet like sugar hard like ice.
  • Don’t tell me not to do something.
  • We are a handful.
  • Finessin’
  • Bi a pair of sneakers in a room full of formal shoes.
  • Too good for you
  • Too sassy to handle
  • Eat, pray, slay

Best Friend Birthday Captions for Instagram

Best Friend Birthday Captions for Instagram

  • Dear bestie, happy birthday.
  • I cant Keep Calm its my besties birthday
  • Dear bestie, many happy returns of the day.
  • Dear bestie; hope you have a great year.
  • Time to party because it’s my bestie’s birthday.
  • Bring out the champagne. My bestie turned a year older.
  • I just came for the birthday cake.
  • Young enough to get away with it; old enough to know better.
  • My best friend turned a year older today.
  • Let’s party. It’s my bestie’s birthday.
  • Let’s get drunk my bestie turned a year older
  • It took <insert years> for you to be this awesome
  • Guess who’s a legal adult?
  • Adult-ish
  • No more using a fake id now you can legally enter bars.
  • Dear bestie may you get everything you desire
  • A big big happy birthday to you, my best friend forever!
  • May this birthday party be our greatest one ever. Happy birthday!
  • Thank you for being my bestie
  • You have no idea but I’m so proud of you, bestie! Have the greatest birthday ever!

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Missing Best Friend Captions/quotes For Instagram

Missing Best Friend Captions For Instagram

  • I miss my best friend.
  • I miss my bestie.
  • Life is boring without my best friend
  • Life without my bestie sucks
  • I miss our closeness 
  • Dinner date with my bestie
  • I miss the good times we had
  • Hey bestie; long time no see?
  • My best friend changed my life 
  • My best friend helped me write my stories
  • Can’t live without my best friend.
  •  Life without my bestie? Impossible 
  • My best friend is the Therapy I need.
  • My bestie makes the world a nicer place
  • Dear bestie; I miss you.
  • My bestie always makes me happy.
  • With my bestie around, nothing seems normal.
  • When my bestie comes around there’s always chaos.
  • Friendship is… missing you like crazy.

Sentimental Best Friend Captions/Quotes for Instagram

Sentimental Best Friend Captions for Instagram

  • Keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.
  • Dear bestie, thank you for being With me.
  • Life is better with my bestie around me.
  • Thank you for standing by me through rain or Shine.
  • You are the best, bestie.
  • We’re sisters; you’re my family
  • Friends are like stars. Define brightly in the Sky and make life pleasant. 
  • Friends from the beginning and always
  • There’s no feeling like friendship
  • Nobody has my back like my bestie.
  • Thank you for your support bestie; now and always
  • Distance doesn’t make a difference to our friendship
  • I can do anything for my bestie
  • My bestie beats your bestie
  • I might get annoyed with you sometimes but I really love you.
  • A girl can survive without makeup but not without her bestie.
  • Between me and my bestie there are no secrets.
  • I am very possessive of my bestie.
  • A bestie is someone who loves you when you hate yourself
  • Best friends come over when you have problems so you are never alone.

Wise Best Friend Instagram Captions

Wise Best Friend Instagram Captions

  • You know who real friends are when you decide to pull away.
  • A wise bestie is a blessing indeed.
  • Nothing compares to time spent with your bestie.
  • Do note who stays loyal behind your back
  • I am loyal only to my bestie
  • Fake friends believe lies, real friends believe you.
  • Real friends never lie, they always tell you the whole truth. 
  • No matter how crowded it is I will always find you
  • The most omportant people in your life are the ones who were there when you were down.
  • A true friend feeds the soul
  • A true friend overlooks all of your flaws and admires your inner qualities
  • A true friend is hard to find and tough to keep.
  • I don’t have to talk to my bestie everyday for us to be close. great great 
  • You need at least one best friend in your life.
  • A friend is someone who can look to the facade.
  • They may be close, they may be far, but real friends are always in my heart
  • Friends don’t abandon their friends
  • A true bestie stands by you always
  • Your real friends don’t celebrate with you when you are on top; they will be standing with you when you are at the bottom