BTS Jin’s Military Service: Best of Jin’s Solo Songs and Playlist on YouTube and Spotify

With just a day left for the eldest member of the popular group BTS, Jin to enlist in the military, fans across the world are getting emotional. Earlier in the year, BTS and their management agency BigHit announced that all seven members of the boy band would be fulfilling their military service. Jin is the eldest member of the group and turned 30 a few days ago. He will be the first to enlist, and the other members are expected to follow soon. However, this is not the end of BTS, as the statement clearly mentions that the group will reconvene by 2025. 

For all the fans across the globe and members of the BTS Army, we are sharing some of the best songs and playlists of JIn.

Best of Jin Playlist on YouTube

Sharing an updated playlist of Jin from Youtube. This playlist includes the latest solo hit of Jin Astronaut. It also includes other hits from the singer, such as Epiphany, Moon, Your, and Abyss. Tonight, So Far Away and Mom.

Best of Jin Playlist on Spotify

This playlist on Spotify features all the latest songs from the boy band, such as Butter, Permission to Dance, Iris, Moon, and I Need you. This playlist also includes some of the songs that are Jin’s favourites and are a part of his playlist. These include Justine Bieber’s Peaches and Holy, Taylor Swift’s willow and Harry Styles ‘Adore You’. 

Jin’s Shower Playlist

Given the popularity of BTS and Jin, they have been frequently asked about their favourite songs. Back in 2021, had made an appearance on BigHit Music Record on Melon Radio station, where he revealed the songs that he prefers to listen to when he is taking a shower. The playlist included songs like Bad Guy, In The Morning, IDOL and Left & Right.

Jin’s Songs: What’s special about all his songs

Jin is known for his powerful vocals, and his songs have left a powerful impact on the minds and hearts of listeners. However, one thing that distinguishes his song is that all of them have notable lyrics. These lyrics often have a message that touches the masses. For example, one of his most popular songs, which also happens to be our favourite, is Epiphany. In this song, he shares an important message of loving ourselves. 

Jin’s solo single, co-written by Coldplay

In October 2022, Jin released his solo single, which was written by Coldplay. He had also performed with Cold Play at a concert in Buenos Aires. Many fans were teary-eyed after the concert and were craving for more. At the time of the concert, it was widely known that this might be one of the last appearances for the singer before the military, and that made the fans even more emotional.

Another thing that touched the hearts of fans during this concert was Frontman Chris’ heartwarming introduction to the member of BTS.

Jin’s Military Service

Earlier in the month, Jin’s enlistment schedule was leaked. It is now revealed that he will be enlisting in the army on December 13. Both BigHit and Jin have requested fans and members of BTS Amry not to flock and overcrowd the place. They have also announced that there will be no “official event” to mark the day.

Before D-Day, Jin also took to social media, Weverse to share his new look. The singer can be seen in a crew cut, and he himself has mentioned that he is looking cuter than he expected. Fans have loved his look and have taken to Twitter to trend “WeLoveJin”. 

They also showed their love and promised to wait for him and the band.


Military Enlistment date for other members of BTS

The military enlistment date for Jin has been officially announced. Earlier the management agency of BTS had announced that Jin would be joining the army in December after his birthday but not given a formal date. However, the date later got leaked. 

The other members of the BTS group – RM, V, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga and Jimin are also expected to enlist in the coming year. The seven-member band is expected to complete their 18 months of compulsory military enlistment by December 2025 and reconvene. Many dates are being put out on social media, but official confirmation from the artists and their agency is awaited. 

Here is the full list, but as we have mentioned, this is not confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt


BTS Member Enlistment Date When they are expected to be back
Jin December 2022 June 2024
Suga March 2023 September 2024
J-Hope February 2024 August 2025
RM February / June 2024 December 2025
Jimin June 2024 December 2025
V June 2024 December 2025
Jungkook June 2024 December 2025


Jungkook is the youngest member of the band, and he had recently sung the FIFA World Cup song. It is titled “Dreamers” and just 13 hours after going live. The song reached No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs charts in at least 102 different regions, including the world’s eight biggest music markets, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Germany and Italy.