Best water purifier for home in India [May 2022]: Editors’ picks for top RO, UV, UF, water purifiers right now

Water purifiers play a vital role in our daily lives. With potable water of essence and heatwave alerts being issued for a number of states, staying hydrated and with good water is extremely important. In India, where, tap water is not the safest and water from natural sources like rivers and lakes can get contaminated with human, plant, animal, and industrial waste, a water purifier becomes a must-have device. With a water purifier at home, you instantly get access to safe and drinkable water, in other words, potable water.

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Around the country, the local authorities like municipalities add chlorine or fluorine to the groundwater. This is done in order to get rid of viruses and bacteria. While the local authorities do their best, it is often not enough to get rid of all the harmful chemicals or contaminants in the water. So, it is better to get yourself a water purifier and these days, they come with a combination of UV, UF filters, and RO (reverse osmosis). So, here is how to choose the best one.

Best water purifier brands in India (May 2022)

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of brands that sell water purifiers in India. These brands differentiate their products on the basis of features offered with each of these models. The decision to choose the right water purifier boils down to factors such as TDS level of water supplied in your area and type of water purification system. Depending on these factors, here are some of the best water purifier brands in India.

Brand name Country of origin
Kent India
HUL India
Eureka Forbes India
AO Smith USA
Xiaomi China

8 things to keep in mind before buying a water purifier

While one might think that buying a water purifier is as simple as going to an e-commerce platform, selecting the brand that you like and placing the order, the reality is there are many factors to consider before you select the right water purifier for your home.

These factors also vary from region to region, which should further change your preference. Then there is, of course, the marketing mumbo jumbo that does not help much. With that in context, here are eight things that you must keep in mind before you go ahead and buy a water purifier for your home.

Water Quality

This is the most important thing that you need to check before deciding the water purifier for your home. The water supplied to your home is likely to be hard water, which means it has a high amount of TDS or Total Dissolved Solids. The TDS is a measure of the dissolved combined content of all organic and inorganic substances present in a liquid. This could be in molecular, ionised or micro-granular suspended form. The WHO recommends a permissible limit of TDS between 50-120 PPM and pH above 7.4 in potable water.

The inorganic salts contained include calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulphates. To get rid of these inorganic compounds, companies use a process known as RO or reverse-osmosis. This uses a semi-permeable membrane measuring 0.0005 micron in size and they make it impossible to stay in the water. If the water in your home has high TDS then an RO water purifier would be a good choice.

Water Pressure

Another factor that will help determine the right filter for your water purifier is water pressure. A reverse osmosis water purifier system will work well when you have high water pressure. A pressure of 5 to 40 pounds per square inch or psi is recommended for such a system. For those homes with low water pressure, companies recommend using a booster pump attachment to the RO system. If your water supply has low TDS, you can also opt for an activated carbon filter.


The second factor to consider while shopping for a new water purifier is contamination. By contamination, we are referring to the presence of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, magnesium, copper and iron. In large amounts, these heavy metals can become toxic. The industrial waste is often cited as the source for the presence of heavy metals in your water.

While RO can get rid of inorganic compounds and even heavy metals, you will need a specialised filter to eliminate germs and other microorganisms. A water purifier with ultraviolet (UV) filter can not only disinfect the water but also restrict harmful microorganisms from multiplying in the water source. They use an UV lamp to achieve this and you can also look for an UV filter with an ultra-filter to remove suspended bacteria. This is best when the water supply is free from total dissolved solids.

Daily Usage

Another factor to consider is average daily consumption of water for your family. The first thing you need to decide is whether you need a purifier only for drinking purposes or for the entire house. Once you know the requirement, you need to figure out consumption. If your daily water consumption is high, you will need to buy a model with high power and high output rate. As a thumb rule, it is recommended that the output of a water purifier in one hour should not be less than the number of people in your home.


This may not be something that comes to your mind when you buy a water purifier. However, it is a critical aspect since a water purifier is something you buy once every 8 to 10 years. If you are relocating to a new place, you won’t need to buy a new water purifier, and instead you’ll be moving your existing water purifier. So, you must look at the body of a water purifier including its portability and weight. Also a good looking water purifier is an added bonus, and might even add to your kitchen aesthetics.


A number of water purifiers don’t work without electricity, which makes it bad for areas with constant power cuts. An UV filter won’t work if you don’t have electricity since it uses electricity for the UV lamp to work. Similarly, an RO system uses electric power to activate the RO membrane. But a system with activated carbon filters or an ultra filter will work without electricity, but they will only be able to eliminate sediments from your water source.


Once you know your consumption and kind of purification technology you are looking for, it is worth setting a budget. A water purifier is not a smartphone that you will upgrade once every year or two. It is a long-term investment that will require a similar budget. So, we would recommend going for a trustworthy brand. With the reliability and kind of filter that you plan to get, you will find yourself spending at least Rs 7,000 – Rs 8,000 on a water purifier. The cost will increase if you go for a RO water purifier (more on this later).

Maintenance cost

A water purifier is a household appliance and with that comes the maintenance cost. The maintenance includes changing the filter and servicing the entire system. So, you need to consider the cost of servicing the device once every three or four months. On top of that, you will need to replace the filter once every year. A good purifier generally comes with a maintenance cost of around Rs 2,000 per year but they can go as high as Rs 5,000. Some companies also offer annual maintenance contracts that might be cheaper in the long run.

7 best water purifiers to buy in India in April 2022

Now that we have got you up to speed with some of the most important things to keep in mind before buying a water purifier, here are the best in the market right now. These water purifiers come from a wide variety of brands and fit in a different price segments ranging from a little over Rs 11,000 to Rs 30,000. Here is a look at the seven best water purifiers in India in May 2022.

  1. KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112)
  2. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral
  3. AO Smith Z9 Green
  4. Aquaguard Ritz RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline Water Purifier
  5. Mi Smart Water Purifier
  6. KENT Gold 20-Litres
  7. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze

KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112)

KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112) Water Purifier

It is almost impossible to go wrong with a Kent water purifier in India. The homegrown water purification brand has a wide range of product portfolio and KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112) is one of its best. This Kent water purifier offers zero water wastage and is wall mountable. It includes RO, UV, UF and TDS control techniques and since UV lamps are in the tank, there is no risk of exposure in any way. It offers a tank capacity of 8 liters and water purification capacity of 20 liters per hour.

KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112): price in India and availability

The Kent Supreme Plus 2020 strikes a perfect balance between price and features. This Kent water purifier is priced at Rs 20,500 and available directly from Kent’s own website. However, you can get the Kent water purifier with a discount of Rs 4,950 on Amazon India. The e-commerce giant is offering the Kent water purifier for Rs 15,550, making it a great offering in terms of value and features.

KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112): pros and cons

Pros Cons
Excellent purification process White colour could mean additional cleaning
Ideal for most Indian households Filter replacement costs are additional
Zero water wastage

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral water purifier

If design is everything then HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral will win hands down. This is one of the best looking water purifiers in the market and it is also loaded with features. For a start, it also comes with up to 8 litres tank capacity but does not offer zero water wastage. The company notes that for “every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown out by the machine”. However, it offers 7-stage purification using Copper Charge Technology and can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppm.

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral: price in India and availability

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral is priced at Rs 27,990 in India but you can get it for lower price online. The water purifier is available for Rs 19,799 on both Amazon India as well as Flipkart. The HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral is available for Rs 21,990 at Vijay Sales and Reliance Digital.

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral: pros and cons

Pros Cons
Copper Purification is an advantage Water Wastage
Automatic shut off feature Expensive
Dual Water Dispensing

AO Smith Z9 Green

AO Smith Z9 Green water purifier

The AO Smith Z9 Green RO does not look like a water purifier but goes for the vibe of a high-end coffee machine. With its attractive looks, it brings features such as 10 litres tank capacity and ability to mount on the wall. For purification, you get 8-stage RO + SCMT technology and the output water is claimed to be safe for even babies. It is also the only RO in India to offer purified hot water at the press of a button. So, this coffee machine style water purifier can dispense hot water required to make coffee. Neat.

AO Smith Z9 Green: price in India and availability

The AO Smith Z9 Green water purifier is the most expensive water purifier in this list. The company sells this product for Rs 31,850 on its website. Both Flipkart and Amazon India are selling AO Smith Z9 Green for Rs 24,990. On TataCLiQ, it is available for Rs 26,990.

AO Smith Z9 Green: pros and cons

Pros Cons
Hot Water at a press of a button Expensive
8-stage purification Water refill process starts only when the water level is at 50 percent
Advanced alert technology Warranty limited to 1 year
Low power consumption
Great design

Aquaguard Ritz RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline Water Purifier

Aquaguard Ritz RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline Water Purifier is the newest entrant in the water purifier market and it comes loaded with features. It combines leading technologies with great aesthetics to deliver a product that will blend in most homes. It relies on seven stages of water purification that removes dust, suspended particles, reduces excess chlorine, retains natural minerals and then adjusts the taste. It also reduces TDS and ensures that water remains pure and healthy for drinking.

Aquaguard Ritz RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline Water Purifier: price in India and availability

Aquaguard Ritz RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline Water Purifier was one of the new launches during the Great Indian Festival on Amazon India last year. It has a retail price of Rs 24,500 but can be purchased for Rs 20,999 on Amazon India. At the time of writing, the water purifier is listed on Aquaguard’s own website but the price is not mentioned.

Aquaguard Ritz RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline Water Purifier: pros and cons

Pros Cons
7-stage purification White colour might discourage some
Easy to use design Expensive
Alkaline Booster Technology

Mi Smart Water Purifier

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

Xiaomi needs no introduction in India. While the company is huge in the smartphone segment, it is making inroads into homes with its smart ecosystem. The Mi Smart Water Purifier is one of the first devices from the company under this initiative. It supports 5-steps penta purification process and in-tank UV sterilisation. There is a 7 litres tank capacity and filters can be replaced by the owner easily. The minimalist water purifier from Xiaomi supports real-time TDS monitoring and auto water level detector and can be controlled using a smart app.

Mi Smart Water Purifier: price in India and availability

Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier was launched with a retail price of Rs 14,999. But the minimal white colour water purifier is now available for Rs 12,999. You can buy this water purifier from Xiaomi’s own website, i.e.,

Mi Smart Water Purifier: pros and cons

Pros Cons
Minimalist design Only 5-stage purification
Affordable price Limited availability
Smart features like app White colour might discourage some

KENT Gold 20-Litres UF technology based Gravity Water Purifier

KENT Gold may not match the gold standard of water purification offered by other water purifiers in this list but it is worthy of consideration for those on a budget. It relies on purification by hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane and can be described as an entry level product in the water purifier category. This purifier is ideal for purification of water from most sources but preferably those with low TDS. It has a transparent water tank made of ABS plastic and uses nano-silver carbon for better disinfection of water and lasts up to 4000 litres.

KENT Gold: price in India and availability

KENT Gold is undoubtedly the most affordable water purifier in this list but it reaches that price point by removing some essential features. With a retail price of Rs 3,200, this particular water purifier is available for Rs 2,449 on Amazon India and Flipkart. The same product is available for Rs 2,549 and Rs 2,599 from TataCLiQ and Reliance Digital respectively.

KENT Gold: pros and cons

Pros Cons
Affordable price White colour might discourage some
UF Purification Limited features
High Storage capacity

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze water purifier

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze has a tank capacity of 7 litres and can be used for TDS between 200 and 2000 ppm. It uses advanced RO+UV+UF+MTDS purification technology. Like HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral, Eureka Forbes also throws out 650ml of water for every litre of water purified. It requires a booster pump for the functioning of a water purifier in case of low water pressure and includes smart LED indicators for purification, tank full and power-on status.

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze: price in India and availability

The Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze is available for Rs 16,000 on the company website. At Amazon India though, the water purifier is available for only Rs 8,999, making it one of the most affordable water purifier in this list.

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze: pros and cons

Pros Cons
Affordable Lacks in-built water tap
Durable Cartridge
Tank capacity might be small for large families
Multi-stage purification
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