Wedding Captions 2023: Best Captions/Quotes for Wedding to use on Instagram

Weddings are made in heaven and carried out on Earth. A wedding is called a holy matrimony for a reason because of all the pure love and feelings that they are made up of. Marriage brings two souls and families together. We prepare for everything from dress to wedding vows on this auspicious day. To capture every moment, it is important to describe them in words to let the world know how you feel. In this article, we have covered romantic, pre-wedding, funny, Heartfelt wedding captions to inspire you. Below mentioned is the 150+ list of all the amazing wedding captions:

Indian Wedding Captions for Instagram 

  • To an endless journey with you.
  • Home is where the heart is and I have found mine.
  • To a new love story with the love of my life.
  • Still falling for you even today.
  • I have found the one I have been waiting for.
  • To my forever partner in crime.
  • Wedding bells and all crazy fun.
  • And after the seventh circle around the  “hawan kund” it was final.
  • I had an amazing time marrying the love of my life.
  • Such a beautiful day to be married to you.
  • I take you to be my forever.
  • God tied this knot.

Wedding Vibes Captions for Instagram

175+ Best Wedding Captions And Quotes For Instagram In 2022

  • Love is in the air and yes there is an open bar too.
  • I can get the wedding jitters.
  • I can hear wedding bells even in my sleep.
  • Time to crash a crazy wedding.
  • Wedding ladoos are around the corner.
  • I cannot wait to be married to the love of my life.
  • I have a fabulous wedding to attend.
  • Did someone say a wedding and champagne?
  • Will get dressed up for 3 days open bar.

Sister Wedding Captions for Instagram

Beautiful Wedding Messages for Sister – Marriage Wishes

  • She will no longer stay a Miss but forever be my sis.
  • Hey sissy! It is your wedding.
  • My sister’s wedding is just going to be fabulous.
  • I can have unlimited food and drinks on my sister’s birthday.
  • Do not cry my sweet sister, it is your wedding!
  • I have an amazing sister who is in the process of becoming an amazing wife.
  • Here is my little sister marrying the love of his life.
  • I will forever love you like my little baby, sweet sister.
  • Enjoy my sister’s crazy wedding.

Married Couple Captions for Instagram

  • If you can promise me anything promise me forever.
  • I have taken every step to be closer to you.
  • Let us welcome forever.
  • We are each other’s comfort food, hot chocolate, and everything nice.
  • Nothing matters if we are perfect for each other.
  • I have dreamt of our wedding since i fell in love with you.
  • Our wedding is the start of our perfect forever.
  • I cannot believe we are trying the knot.
  • Everything is so holy and simple with you.
  • We have decided on forever, my love.

Wedding Captions for Instagram for Friends

  • Say hello to the love birds.
  • This is where true love begins.
  • married couples are the prettiest.
  • I am here for the wedding food.
  • It is proven that happily ever after is just a wedding away.
  • forever suits them the best.
  • Some people are meant to be.
  • A perfect match approved on earth and made in heaven.
  • And they are locked in for life.

 Brother Wedding Captions for Instagram
Wedding Wishes for Brother - Marriage Quotes | WishesMsg

  • Best of luck, brother, you have found your soul mate.
  • may your life be filled with unlimited laughter, vacations, and dogs my brother.
  • Hurray! The wedding bells are ringing for my brother.
  • You are going to be such a cute old happy couple guys.
  • May you both grow old together and own tons of dogs.
  • I hope now you can find me a wife too, my brother.
  • My brother is getting married free shots for everyone.
  • Cheers to the newly wedded crazy couple.
  • Dear brother, enjoy the wedding ladoos forever.

Best Friend Wedding Captions for Instagram

Best friend wedding captions for instagram | friends wedding captions for instagram - YouTube

  • My friend is getting married so that I can have unlimited shots.
  • here is to unlimited amount of love and laughter for my two lovely friends.
  • nothing fancy, it is just my best friend’s wedding.
  • I have a crazy wedding to attend.
  • Together they will rule the world.
  • I am getting ready for a crazy post wedding hangover.
  • And my friends have decided on it forever.
  • Confetti and love are both in the air.
  • Our friends are now married!
  • wedding bells are ringing for these two.

Pre-Wedding Captions for Instagram

  • The next chapter of our lives is about to begin.
  • I cannot wait to start my forever with you.
  • I would love to be your wife forever.
  • My best wishes for the upcoming wedded couple.
  • So, we found each other for life and beyond.
  • I will stay with you always and the wedding is just the start.
  • We will be marking each other’s territory on our wedding day.
  • Our wedding day is around the corner, get ready for unlimited alcohol and laughter.
  • I cannot believe my friends are old enough to be married.
  • Henna, wedding bells, and lots of food are right around the corner.

Simple Wedding Captions for Instagram

  • We are going for forever.
  • Me and my husband enjoyed our party.
  • Two hearts united on the auspicious day of our wedding.
  • Our families are happy that we have found each other.
  • I would not have asked for a better husband and a perfect wedding.
  • my dream wedding with all the dreamy food.
  • i came to my wedding for the delicious food.
  • Now i have a husband to attend to.
  • The wedding was great, but the after-party snacks were amazing.
  • are not we the cutest newlyweds that you have ever seen

Caption for Wedding Pics on Instagram
Instagram Captions for Wedding Photos of Bride and Groom

  • This is me and my soul mate.
  • The best day of our lives because we made the wedding bell ring.
  • It is official we will be taking each other’s names.
  • two hearts, two families, and two souls are uniting.
  • This is my new happy family.
  • We have found a new home in each other.
  • aren’t we perfect for each other?
  • So, this is our royal wedding.
  • Is this what a wedding looks like?
  • my picture-perfect wedding!
  • hurray! now I have a husband to photobomb my pictures.

Wedding Quotes for Instagram

Top 101 Indian Wedding Quotes, Wishes & Messages - FNP Venues

  • love gives us a fairy tale right in the middle of an ordinary life.
  • And I knew exactly then how old Walt Disney’s Cinderella would have felt when she found the king of her dreams.
  • My heart cannot carry all my love for you.
  • Let us not blame gravity for making people fall madly in love.
  • I am ready to share this lifetime with you than face it alone with my cats.
  • We are ready to be each other’s endgame.
  • You are my sun, and I will forever be your light.
  • True love stories can never have an end.
  • Dear Lord, let me have this man for life and beyond.
  • A great marriage is like a casserole, only those responsible for it go what’s cooking inside of it.

Funny Wedding Guest Captions

  • Everyone is invited to our wedding for free food.
  • The open bar party is on for three days.
  • All the wedding guests are requested to get wasted on their own risk.
  • Weddings are for free food and family drama.
  • What a wedding without some family drama.
  • You are invited to the wedding not to the honeymoon.
  • Weddings are a freeway pass for unlimited drinks and food.
  • All the guests can also bring their dogs to our wedding.
  • Come on guys! It is a big day for your love story.

 Wedding Captions Inspired by Love Quotes

  • Romance is the icing, but wedding is the cake.
  • Is it love that makes the impossible possible because I want to get married?
  • Let us continue with our love story.
  • Our love will run deeper than the Mariana trench.
  • Each time we love, we will love deeply.
  • You have made my world go around but marriage will make it worthwhile.
  • I want you to be my person forever.
  • Our marriage was made in heaven but settled on Earth.
  • My marriage tops the charts of all the best life events of my life.
  • I have cracked the best deal of my life.
  • Only married people can be miserable and happy together.
  • Marriage with you is like McDonalds and I am Lovin it!

Romantic Wedding Captions for Couples

  • We are each other’s lobsters.
  • It is like the universe conspired to bring us together.
  • Now we can spend time together forever and even in the lives beyond!
  • Just married and Lovin it!
  • I have made my favorite person mine forever.
  • Do you mind sticking with me forever?
  • Happy couples are the prettiest people alive.
  • life was meant for great adventures and a good partner.
  • The love bird chirping at the window got me into this wedding.
  • Dreams do come true, and my wedding is the live example

 Emotional Wedding Captions for Couples

  • I promise to be by your side and love you the same always.
  • Our wedding is just another happy chapter of our love book.
  • Had no idea that this man will become my husband one day.
  • I am marrying the girl of my dreams and the queen of my heart.
  • I hope to cherish every moment with you.
  • With you through sickness and health.
  • I realized that I want the rest of my life with you, and I cannot wait for it to start.
  • Sometimes you will get your fairytale.
  • You kissed my soul and now I am forever yours.
  • Will you still love me when I am no longer young?
  • walking with our hands crossed into the bright new chapter of our lives.

 Heartfelt Wedding Captions for Couples

  • Take my love and give me a forever kind of love.
  • Our wedding is just the start of an era.
  • I am marrying a person I cannot live without.
  • Our love is getting tied to each other for always!
  • We are both weird to each other.
  • To have to and to hold.
  • We love with a love which is greater than love.
  • I have wanted to make you mine since the day i laid my eyes on you.
  • No amount of time and love with you will be long enough
  • Confetti in the air and love on our minds.

Wedding Captions for Couples Inspired by Movies

  • No amount of time with you will be long enough so let us start with forever.
  • Some people are worth melting for and you are that person to me.
  • You had me at hello and now I am forever yours.
  • To me you are perfect, and I want our wedding to be the same.
  • If you are a bird, then I am your bird.
  • Our love is like the wind I can feel but cannot see it.
  • Death cannot stop true it can just delay it for some time.
  • You do not marry someone you can live with; you marry the person you cannot live without.
  • I want to spend this lifetime with you than face it all alone.
  • It is like the universe brought us together.