Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 1.7.0 update announced: Mirror World mode, free Classic Crate Coupons and more

The BGMI 1.7.0 update is almost here, and it brings a lot of new features and modes to the table. Battlegrounds Mobile India is probably one of the most played battle royale video games in India. The new 1.7.0 update patch note come with a ton of new features, including a new theme mode called Mirror World.

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The 1.7.0 update is set to release in the month of November. Along with the Mirror World mode, Krafton is adding a bunch of other new features and players who update the game to the latest patch in a set time will receive two Classic Crate Coupons as well. BGMI players can download the latest patch via Google Play Store and App Store. 

BGMI 1.7.0 update: release date

The BGMI 1.7.0 update will be released in mid-November. Recently we saw 7 new modes for Battlegrounds Mobile India, and according to Krafton, the new Mirror World will also join these modes inside the game. Additionally, BGMI is collaborating with League of Legends for the new Mirror World mode.

BGMI 1.7.0 update: new features and modes

Here are the confirmed featuers in the BGMI 1.7 update.

The Piggyback feature

The Piggyback feature might come in handy while your teammates are knocked down inside the game. When a teammate or enemy is knocked down, you can pick them up to revive and eliminate them. The piggyback feature can be used to move your injured teammates out of the confrontation zone and help them revive. 

Firearm re-balancing

The Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.7.0 update will revise the Firearm re-balancing as well. Players can expect the following updates inside the game:

  • Rebalanced Marksman Rifles: bullet speed and reloading time has been increased
  • SLR (Designated Marksman Rifles): a faster bullet speed and recovery
  • SKS: Faster recovery time and slightly faster bullet speed
  • Mini14: Damage reduced for long-range
  • VSS: Increased damage
  • DP-28: bullet speed, long-range damage, and headshot damage has been reduced

Bullet weight reduction

The carrying capacity of backpacks is increased for 7.62mm bullets. Now, players can carry more bullets in a backpack, which has been reduced from 0.7mm to 0.6mm.

Mirror World mode

The Mirror World mode is all about the new collaboration between BGMI and League of Legends. Mirror World creates a Mirror Castle in mid-air, and players can choose League of Legends characters to play the mode and fight monsters with special powers and abilities. The Mirror World might be the BGMI biggest mode yet, though the 1.7.0 update is set to revive some popular modes as well.

Return of popular BGMI modes

  • Metro Royale Mode: November 22nd, 2021
  • Payload 2.0: November 29th, 2021 (Monday/Saturday/Sunday)
  • Runic Power: November 30th, 2021 (Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday)
  • Survive Till Dawn: November 25th, 2021 (Thursday/Friday/Saturday)
  • Virus Infection: November 25, 2021 (Thursday/Friday/Saturday)
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