BGMI 1.8 update released: Spider-Man: No Way Home Theme Mode, Livik: Aftermath and more


  • Krafton has released the BGMI 1.8 update for all players
  • The update features the most anticipated Spiderman: No Way Home collaboration
  • Android and iOS users can download the update starting January 14th, 2022

Krafton just dropped the first big update for Battleground Mobile India in 2022. Among the list of features and enhancements, the BGMI X Spiderman: No Way Home is definitely a major draw for Spiderman and BGMI fandoms. The update has a lot more to offer, and players can download it on their devices via Google Play Store and App Store starting today.

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The 1.8 update carries new improvements and features inside the game. Interested players can find the breakdown of the update and what it brings to the table in this post. The company has also shared the update schedule for iOS and Android users. There is a slight distribution difference between each platform.

BGMI 1.8 update: release date and time for Android and iOS

BGMI 1.8 update

BGMI 1.8 update brings a host of new features including Spider-Man: No Way Home Theme Mode

Unlike the last update, Krafton is releasing the 1.8 update on the same day for iOS and Android users. According to a recent post by the company, BGMI 1.8 update was scheduled for January 14th, 2022, for both platforms. The time set for Google Play Store is 12:30pm to 8pm, whereas the time for iOS is set to 4:30pm IST.

Along with the BGMI 1.8 update, PUBG: Mobile, PUBG: Battlegrounds, and PUBG: Mobile Light have also received the new update for January 2022. As for BGMI 1.8 update, here is what you can expect from the update.

BGMI 1.8 update: how to download for Android and iOS

Since the update is already released for the platforms, users can download it via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Below is a breakdown of the steps you need to follow to download the BGMI 1.8 update.

BGMI 1.8 update: download for iOS

  • On your iOS device, open the Apple App Store and search for Battlegrounds Mobile India
  • Tap on the BGMI icon to open the app overview window
  • If you’ve already downloaded the game on your device, you’ll see the Update option
  • Tap on Update and wait for the download to complete
  • Once downloaded, close Apple App Store and go to the phone’s home screen
  • Tap on the BGMI icon to open the game
  • The game will automatically update itself with the new patch

BGMI 1.8 update: download for Android 

  • On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app
  • Search for Battlegrounds Mobile India and tap on its icon to open the download window
  • Now, tap on the Update button to download the new patch
  • Wait for the download to complete
  • Once downloaded, close Google Play Store and go to the phone’s home screen
  • Now, tap on the BGMI icon to start the game

BGMI 1.8 update: list of free rewards

Along with the update, Krafton has announced a list of rewards that can be deemed after updating the game to the latest version. The rewards are available for both platforms, and all you have to do is visit the respective app markets on your device and download the latest update. Below is a list of rewards you’ll get after downloading the 1.8 update for BGMI.

  • 2 Classic Crate Coupons
  • DP-28 skin

BGMI 1.8 update: list of new features and modes

BGMI 1.8 update feature list

The update brings a lot of content to the game, and players can look forward to a more comprehensive experience after the update. The first thing that got everyone’s attention is probably the collaboration between BGMI and Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

Spiderman: No Way Home Theme Mode

Krafton has introduced the long-awaited Spider-Man: No Way Home-themed content to the game with this update. This includes an exclusive Spiderman mode where players can swing between buildings to experience the Spider-Verse in BGMI. This mode will be available in maps such as Erangel and Livik.

After selecting the mode, players need to visit the sites mentioned on the map. One of these sites includes ‘Mylta Power’, where players need to fight robots and loot Spiderman-themed items. These items include a web shooter and a Spiderweb Ball. Players can use these items to climb up on tall buildings or shoot enemies with spider webs.

As for the last feature from the mode, players can revive their dead teammates. Once your teammates are eliminated from the game, reach the towers mentioned on the game map. After that, go close to the tower and tap on the Recall option to bring your teammate back to the game in the exact location. 

Separated Matching

The 1.8 update will separate the ranked matching and normal matching. For example, if a player gets into ranked matchmaking, the season tier point will reflect. Similarly, if players get into a regular matching, the update will not affect their season tier points. Additionally, all the new settings will be available under the new UI design, making it easier for players to find modes inside the game. 

Livik: Aftermath: list of features, default scope, and more

After the Spiderman: No Way Home collaboration, the next biggest thing in the update is the revised version of the classic Livik map. In this new update, players can look forward to a new version of the Livik map. Livik, once covered in the snow, has now been stripped of life. The terrain looks dusty, almost apocalyptic, and players can experience all this in normal matchmaking. Additionally, the map alters the normal gameplay and here are some of the features that come as default with Livik: Aftermath.

  • All the weapons have a scope mounted over them by default
  • All the players will experience less recoil through the firearms
  • Players can see the distance between enemies using ADS open
  • Players can use Ziplines across the map
  • Communication towers to receive eliminated players 
  • Deploy riot shield during matches to protect yourself against aggressive squads

Firearm Rebalancing and Firearm Mechanism Adjustment

The update has adjusted the firearm balance for selected guns. For example, MG3’s recoil has just become 10 percent more intense than its previous version. The base fire rate of the weapons is also adjusted to default 660 RPM.

Additionally, the recoil time for M16A4 and MK47 has been reduced by 10 percent, and players can expect the tracer effect while firing rounds from these guns. As for the mechanism adjustments, two things have been adjusted to fit the current game. Firstly, the developers have fixed the firing direction and aim for unscoped firearms. The second thing is the bullet spread, which varied earlier by display resolution of different devices. 

Classic update

While playing in classic mode, players will see more changes. These changes are visible only in the classic modes. So make sure you are playing the classic mode to experience these changes. Below is a list of things you can expect from the game after updating it to version 1.8. 

  • Players will not be eliminated immediately after being knocked down in the water
  • The knocked-out player can swim to the shore even after being knocked out
  • Players will be able to use auto-jump when ping becomes available 
  • The place names inside the map will be displayed in three dimensions
  • Automatic marking has been enabled for all the squad members inside a match
  • Players who use malicious behaviours like killing teammates and offensive chats will experience penalties via merit level deduction
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