BGMI characters list: how to get Andy, Victor, Carlo and Sara characters, price, skills, and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India was made available in India only a few months ago, but is already among the most popular mobile games in the country. As a battle royale game, BGMI already has over 50 million downloads in India. After the PUBG Mobile ban, BGMI was introduced in India as PUBG’s successor. Krafton, the company behind BGMI offers some special characters with unique abilities and skins.  

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Currently, BGMI has four special characters including Victor, Andy, Carlo, and Sara. Each of these characters has some unique characteristics and skills. From the available characters, players can purchase three of them using UC (Unknown Cash). In regards to that, here is everything you need to know about BGMI in-game characters and how to purchase them.

BGMI character list

As stated above, Battlegrounds Mobile India has four special characters with unique skills. These characters include Victor – the submachine gun geek, Andy – the magician, Carlo – the bounty hunter, and Sara – the vehicle expert. Let’s see what these characters are all about and how they improve the gaming experience. 

BGMI character: Andy

Battleground Indian characters Andy

Andy is the newest addition to the BGMI special characters list. The character costs the same as Carlo and can be purchased for under 1200 UC. Additionally, BGMI featured a small bio for Andy discussing his past and how he became a gunfighter after losing his career as a magician. As a former puppet master, Andy wears suits and elegant outfits in the game. Apart from the physical appearance, Andy’s skills revolve around guns. Especially drawing and putting away guns by a base level of 8 percent. 

BGMI character: Victor

Battleground Indian characters Victor

As stated earlier, BGMI has three characters that can be purchased through UC. Victor is the only free character out of four. Unlike Andy, Victor doesn’t have a big impact on the game itself but it goes without saying that he is the most badass looking character in the game. Victor’s expertise lies in submachine guns. The character is effective in Evoground but lacks practicality in TDM matches. Apart from the basic skills, Victor has exclusive emotes and outfits available in the inventory section. 

BGMI character: Carlo

Battleground India character carlo

Characters and skins add aesthetics to video games. In battle royal games like BGMI, Carlo is a stunning character who has mastered the art of war. Carlo can be purchased via the inventory section. This character costs 1200 UC and comes with one outfit and one emoticon. Carlo has some advantageous skills that helps in high location battles. For example, dropping from a high location reduces health. By using Carlo, players can reduce fall damage by 10 percent. Furthermore, when characters rank up in level, the fall damage reduces from 10 percent to 13.5 percent. 

BGMI character: Sara

Battleground India characters sara

Coming to the last character on the list, we have Sara – the vehicle expert. Among the four special characters, Sara is the most preferred character. Firstly, Sara costs only 600 UC which is cheaper as compared to other characters. Secondly, as a vehicle expert, Sara can reduce the damage taken by 4 percent. To use Sara effectively, players can use vehicles like Dacia or UAZ. Additionally, players can reduce the damage taken by the vehicle up to 5.5 percent in the next levels.

How to purchase BGMI characters?

The in-game characters can be purchased via UC. Players can check their current UC in the upper right corner of the screen. If the UC is above 600 or 1200, simply tap on ‘Purchase’ alongside the character you want to use. Furthermore, players can purchase UC using real cash. On the UC purchase screen, tap on the required amount and complete the payment procedure. Once completed, the UC can be verified at the top-left corner of the home screen. 

Who is the best character in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Logically, Sara is the best character because of its affordability and skills. She can reduce the vehicle taken by the damage by 4 percent and comes with her own skin set. Additionally, Sara can reduce the vehicle damage by simply sitting in the car. Meaning, players can travel long distances without getting obliterated by other Battlegrounds Mobile India players.

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