Is BGMI coming back to India? Krafton Gives a Big Hint


  • Krafton, the publisher of the game, has created a new YouTube channel with unlisted content on BGMI
  • Krafton is said to be working on a new version of BGMI for India
  • BGMI might arrive in India by the end of the year

Battlegrounds Mobile India, popularly known as BGMI, might arrive back in India. Krafton, the game’s publisher, has created a new player support YouTube channel that recently came into the spotlight. The game was banned in India in July earlier this year following an order from the Government of India.

The YouTube channel was launched on September 29th, and new videos have since been uploaded, indicating that the game will be back soon. However, the videos are not visible on the channel, implying that they are unavailable to the general public. However, people can go and check the videos in the support section of the BGMI website.

BGMI Videos

Krafton has posted four videos on the new YouTube channel, which are as follows:

Adding, Deleting, and Blocking Friends

This video describes sending friend requests, accepting new requests, removing friends from the game, and adding friends to the blocklist.

Account Unlinking Instructions

This video describes how to unlink your social media account that was previously linked to the game.

Account Deletion Instructions

This video explains how to delete your account from the game permanently.

User Reporting Guide

This video describes how to report game hackers and cheaters.

Furthermore, some rumours in the gaming community indicate that the BGMI ban could be lifted by the end of the year. Besides, there is speculation that Krafton is working on a new version of BGMI for India, but there is no official word on when BGMI will be reinstated on Google Play and Apple App Store in India.

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