BGMI X Dunes collaboration event announced: how to participate, rewards, dates and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India is probably one of the most played mobile battle royale games right now. Krafton is now collaborating with the new science fiction movie – Dune to bring new rewards and exclusive Dune themed items inside the game. This event highlights Dunes hype, and BGMI players can jump on the trend by playing the EvoGround mode.

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Though the list of rewards is less as everyone expected it to be, these rewards might be useful for Dunes fans who are loving the new sci-fi fiction movie. In order to redeem the rewards, BGMI players have to play the EvoGround mode. This mode is available under the ‘Modes’ section and if you cannot see the mode, update the game via Apple App Store or Google Play Store today.

BGMI X Dunes collaboration event: how to participate and earn rewards

BGMI and Dunes

The BGMI X Dunes collaboration brings in new rewards in the game. Battlegrounds Mobile India players can participate in the event by playing the EvoGround mode. Additionally, players need to complete some objectives to become eligible for the rewards. Here is a list of objectives you have to do to earn the BGMI X Dunes rewards.

  • Play EvoGround mode five times to win 50 RP points
  • Play EvoGround mode ten times to win a Dunes-themed pan
  • Play EvoGround mode twenty times to win a Dunes-themed parachute skin

Now, you must be wondering how to excess the event? Well, it’s super simple, and you’ve done it 100’s of times. Open BGMI and head over to the ‘Event’ section and then tap on the ‘Recommended’ button. ’After that, scroll down and select the “EvoGround Theme Week” option and tap on the Go button. Complete all three challenges to earn the BGMI X Dunes collaboration rewards.

BGMI X Dunes collaboration event: how to redeem rewards

With such a huge collaboration between two creatives of the entertainment industry, BGMI players were expecting some new items or at least a new skin to highlight the movie’s characters and narrative. However, BGMI players can earn 50 RP Points, a Dunes-themed pan and a Dunes-themed parachute skin. The BGMI X Dunes event is being held from October 22th, 2021 and will run until November. In order to redeem the rewards, players have to complete the mission mentioned in the event, and upon completing them, relevant rewards will be credited to players accounts.

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