Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) official Esports tournaments coming to India soon


  • Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) will announce official esports tournaments soon
  • The BGMI esports dedicated microsite is live on the website
  • The tournament rules and format are expected to be similar to PUBG Mobile

Krafton, the maker of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has announced that official esports tournaments are coming soon to the game. The announcement comes soon after the developers announced the BGMI Launch Party tournament. However, the Launch Party Tournament is restricted to 18 teams as announced on the official Instagram page of the game. On the contrary, the BGMI esports competition is expected to be open to regular players.

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As of now, the game developers have put up a web page with no other details except that it is coming soon. Considering the fact that BGMI is simply a rebadged PUBG Mobile for India, we can expect the esports competitions to be similar to what PUBG Mobile used to host earlier.

BGMI Esports tournament coming soon to India

BGMI announces an esports competition for all

BGMI announces Esports competition for all

As mentioned before, the official BGMI website reveals no details except it’s coming soon. We can expect the esports competition to similar to what PUBG Mobile esports used to be before the game got banned by the government of India. If the rules remain the same, a player should be able to form a team of four to compete in the qualifying matches.

Additionally, each member of the team should be of legal age in his or her country of residence before the start of the Tournament. They must also meet the applicable age ratings for the game, which is 18 years and over for BGMI. PUBG Mobile also required players to have at least a Platinum level in any mode and Level 20 or above at the time of registration.

Other requirements included nominating a team captain, team manager, team uniform, team name, team logo, and more. It remains to be seen how similar or different BGMI esports will be from PUBG Mobile esports.

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