BGMI data transfer: Facebook account data transfer to shutdown after September 28th


  • Krafton to shutdown data transfer with Facebook accounts
  • Data transfer with Facebook login will stop after September 28th
  • After October 5th, Facebook logins will only be possible with the Facebook app on the phone

BGMI has confirmed that it will shutdown PUBG data transfer through Facebook accounts after September 28th. In June, Krafton announced that it will allow users to transfer PUBG data from the global account to BGMI until December 31st this year. However, in order to comply with a Facebook SDK’s recent policy update, the company has decided to disable data transfer with Facebook accounts earlier than the previously set date.

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According to a recent policy update related to the Facebook SDK, logins with Facebook accounts in the embedded browser of Android devices will be discontinued in the future. Hence, Krafton will be disabling data transfer with Facebook accounts after September 28th through a patch update. Furthermore, it will not allow Facebook logins unless the Facebook app is installed on the device.

Data transfer with Facebook accounts to shutdown after September 28th

BGMI Patch Note update July 24 rolling out

BGMI to disable PUBG data transfer through Facebook after September 28th

Krafton has requested BGMI users who wish to transfer data from PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik through Facebook to carry out the data migration before September 28th. In addition, the game developer has confirmed that users won’t be able to login with Facebook unless the Facebook app is installed on the device after October 5th. At present, it is only applicable for Android users, and not for iOS.

How to transfer PUBG data to BGMI through Facebook

  • Open Battlegrounds Mobile India game on your smartphone
  • Navigate to Settings, and then tap on Account Transfer
  • Now, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to proceed with the data transfer.
  • Select Yes, and then select Facebook
  • Enter the Facebook login credentials and then tap on Continue
  • It will show another window asking whether you want to transfer the data from the prior app SNS account
  • Select Yes to proceed with data transfer

Once the data transfer is complete, it will show an in-game notification to confirm that all of your data has been successfully transferred. It may take some time for the data transfer completely.


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