BGMI: how to fix frame drops, lags and lost connection errors in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most awaited online multiplayer mobile games. Krafton has released the early access version of the PUBG Mobile remake for beta testers, but the final version is yet to launch officially. As expected, with any beta release, there are bound to be some teething issues.

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If you’re experiencing frame drops, lags or rendering issues in BGMI, Krafton has posted a step by step guide of how to resolve this. On its website, Krafton has listed methods of how to fix frame drops, black/blurred rendering issues and lags/lost connections.

BGMI: how to fix frame drops

Charge your phone: According to the support website, the game tends to lose frame rates and face lags when the phone battery is low. Make sure you have enough charge on your smartphone and try again.

Check for overheating: Avoid playing the game when the phone is facing overheating. The temperature control feature of phones triggers when it encounters overheating, which will decrease the frame rate and cause graphics to lag. The developer also doesn’t recommend playing BGMI while charging your phone.

Check for background apps: The Q&A claims that running too many apps on the phone while playing the game also causes frame drops. If there are too many processes are running in the background, the graphics might start lagging. To fix this, close all the background apps and restart the phone.

Check graphics settings: Make sure you set your phone’s graphics setting to according to its hardware capability. If you set a high graphics setting when you have limited hardware, it can cause issues with frame rate.

Check the signal: If during a match or server selection, the signal on the bottom left is yellow or red, it means your ping is high. The developer recommends switching your connection to Wi-Fi or 4G or changing the graphics settings back to default.

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BGMI: how to fix the black/blurred rendering issue

If you face a black/blurred rendering issue during gameplay, you can follow the instructions below suggested by the official support forum.

  1. Close and restart the game.
  2. Before logging in, click the repair button on the login screen
  3. Select the third option to delete the corresponding map in which the issue occurred.
  4. Re-open the game and download the map again.

BGMI: how to fix lag/lost connection

In case you’re encountering repeated lags or lost connection errors during BGMI gameplay, make sure the following are in place.

  1. Ensure you have a stable internet connection. If you are still facing the issue, try changing the internet connection from 4G to Wi-Fi or move to an area with better network.
  2. Exit the game, clear storage or your device and login again. Do note, if you are playing as a guest, you might erase character progress when logging out.
  3. Click the repair button on bottom right of the login page and try to repair the issue
  4. If all else fails, try downloading and installing the game again.
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