BGMI introduces Game Responsibly campaign to promote healthy gaming habits among teens

  • Krafton introduces the ‘Game Responsibly’ campaign in India. 
  • The campaign features a three-hour limit, OTP confirmation and parental control for under 18 players. 
  • Players under the age of 18 are allowed to play up to 3 hours a day.

Krafton, the company behind Battlegrounds Mobile India, updated the gaming fans about the new ‘Game Responsibly’ campaign which limits players’ interaction with the game to only 3 hours per day. Moving in the same direction, Krafton also released a campaign video that targets the good and bad gaming habits among teens and how it affects everyone around them. 

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To support healthy gaming habits among kids below the age of 18, BGMI will now feature an OTP authentication system and parental control that allows up to only 3 hours of gameplay in a day. BGMI is one of the first battle royale games that is aimed towards the health of its players. Especially to promote game-life Balance among teens addicted to this mobile battle royale video game. 

What is BGMI Game Responsibly?

It is estimated that over 34 million users have registered for BGMI, and 16 million players actively participate in the game every day. Krafton’s BGMI is one of the most popular mobile battle royale games in India. From local gamers to international tournaments, this game has brought a whole new competition to the Indian gaming community. However, playing continuously has its own negative effects as well. To reduce excessive gaming among teens, Krafton’s Game Responsibly campaign onboards several metrics and rules for below 18 gamers. These metrics reduce the interaction between the game and the player to support a healthy lifestyle and responsive gaming habits.

BGMI Game Responsibly campaign: list of features and rules

Here is a list of key pointers of the campaign, which exist within the game. Parents and guardians can easily set up these protocols and even limit the gameplay to 3 hours/per day.

Virtual world warning message

Before the game starts, each player will be notified about the difference between the real world and the virtual world through a message. The in-game narration will highlight players about the virtual world and how it is different from their real life. 

OTP authentication

Players under the age of 18 need to register a parent or a guardian before they can play the game. The set guardian will then receive an OTP on their mobile number which will be used to authenticate the match. 

Break time reminders

While playing on the battlefield, things can get pretty serious, and time passes by without you knowing it. Krafton’s timely breaktime reminders will limit the user interaction between the matches. These reminders will help players get back into real life from time to time, maintaining a healthy game-life balance.

Gameplay limits

Players under the age of 18 will be allowed to play only three hours per day. Meaning, players can participate in the matches for 21 hours a week. This step will benefit players who are addicted to gaming and help them develop new game-life habits. 

 Daily spend limits

The in-app purchases are a great way to level up your characters in BGMI. However, it also costs a lot of money. To reduce the daily spending, Krafton’s Game Responsibly campaign will limit the amount spent per day to only Rs. 7,000. Meaning, players cannot spend more than Rs 7,000 in a day. 

Moderated game graphics

Krafton has also reduced the in-game violence, bloodshed, nudity and set some parameters to keep the language in check. This step helps in reducing the proactive nature of shooter games and also supports friendly matches between BGMI players in the country.

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