BGMI to display warning message if illegal activities are detected: here’s how to resolve it

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been available in India since June, and has already amassed well over 50 million downloads. At the time of launch, game developer Krafton announced a list of offences that could result in a permanent ban for players. Since then, the game has been regularly banning user accounts that have violated its terms of service.

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Now, several months after the game’s launch, Krafton has identified new types of illegal programs and activities that it will take “strong sanctions” against. While players have been able to report cheaters and hackers through the game since launch, Krafton is now taking things into its own hands by automatically displaying warning pop-ups for select violations. Ignorning these warnings can result in the user being unable to login, and in the most severe cases, a permanent ban.

BGMI will display warning messages for these illegal programs and activities

As per the official website, if the game detects that a user is using an illegal program, it will first show a warning message. Listed below are the activities that may result in an warning pop-up message:

  1. If the installed app is downloaded from an unofficial channel
  2.  If you have installed illegal programs or untrusted auxiliary programs on your device
  3.  If you are using a rooted or jailbroken device
  4.  If you use another player’s account
  5.  When abnormal data is detected

The warning messages will be displayed starting September 15th, 2.30pm onwards, which means the developer has started taking action against offending players already.

Krafton warns users that installing the app from sources other than the Google Play Store and Apple App Store can result in an account ban as well. This is because the user may have unintentionally downloaded an app that falsifies data. In case you downloaded the app via an external APK, you should uninstall it and reinstall it via the official app store right away.

The good news is if you do get a warning message without partaking in any of the illegal activities listed above, there is an option to fix it via a routine repair.

BGMI warning message: how to fix it via Routine Repair option

Perform a Routine Repair if you get a warning message on BGMI

In case you get a warning pop-up in BGMI despite no illegal activity, follow the steps below to perform a Routine Repair.

  1. Inside the lobby, tap on the arrow at the bottom right corner.
  2. Go to Settings > Basic and tap on Log out in the bottom left corner
  3. In the login screen, tap on Repair on the right side
  4. Check Routine Repair and tap OK
  5. After the data is normalised, login and resume playing

Do note that if you do not perform the Routine Repair after getting a warning message, the game’s security system will prevent you from logging in.

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