BGMI Lite India launch teased by pro Esports player Maxtern

Battlegrounds mobile India or BGMI is undoubtedly one of the best mobile battle royale games in India. It’s been a couple of months since BGMI or the Indian version of PUBG: Mobile was released in the Indian subcontinent. The game quickly became a hit in the community and downloads skyrocketed. With so much success in India, Krafton, the company behind BGMI. might release a lite version of the game soon.

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We’ve previously seen PUBG: Lite, which was the toned-down version of PUBG: Mobile. Since PUBG was banned in India last year, the Lite version also became inaccessible to Indian gamers. Players with low-end devices are still looking for new alternatives, and according to some professional Indian gamers, Krafton might release a light version of Battlegrounds mobile India.

BGMI Lite launch teased

There has been no confirmation from Krafton about the release date of BGMI lite. However, Indian Esports player, Sagar “Maxtern” Thakur, tweeted today about BGMI Lite, hinting at an official launch.

Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare, another professional esports player in the Indian community, shared an Instagram story regarding a possible release of BGMI in the future. In his Instagram story,  Abhijeet shared, “It will take time but BGMI Lite / PUBG Lite will be released for sure”, giving an unofficail confirmation about a lighter version of BGMI. 

BGMI Lite: features

As a toned-down version of the game, BGMI Lite might feature low graphics as compared to BGMI, which ultimately helps in keeping the game in check with low-end devices. Additionally, as we’ve seen in the PUBG: Mobile and PUBG: Mobile Lite, the number of players on the map gets reduced from 100 to 40. Since BGMI Lite will be the lighter version of the latter, Krafton might reduce the total number of players participating at a single time. 

Furthermore, BGMI Lite might replace or tone down some of the maps from the original BGMI. In the case of PUBG Mobile Lite, Krafton replaced the four original maps with a new 2 km X 2 km map. To reduce the resources and keep the game under 1GB, BGMI Lite might reduce the map size or replace them with new ones. 

BGMI Lite: pre-registration

Krafton has yet to reveal anything about BGMI Lite. However, some key esports players are sharing about a possible Lite version of the game in the future. If we look at the BGMI’s player base, which has increased up to 50 million downloads, 34 million registered players, and 16 million daily active users, Krafton might release BGMI Lite sooner. All the players we’ll be able to pre-register for the game on Google Play Store and App Stores soon. 

BGMI Lite: APK size

PUBG: Mobile Lite was only 600MB, which is less than the original because PUBG Mobile was 1GB in size for Android and 1.6GB for iOS. As a lite version, it is safe to assume that the BGMI Lite will be less than 1GB in size and will run on most Android devices. But gamers need not worry because the core gameplay will be the same, and you’ll get the exact same experience as BGMI, except for fewer graphical elements and fewer players. 

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