BGMI for PC: how to download and play Battlegrounds Mobile India on Bluestacks, minimum system requirements and more


  • BGMI can be played on a PC using Bluestacks Android Emulator
  • The popular battle royale game is supported by Bluestacks 5
  • Krafton is yet to confirm an official emulator for BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India can now be played on a PC or laptop. The popular Android emulator for Windows and Mac, Bluestacks has announced on its official website that the emulator now supports BGMI gameplay. However, do note that you wll need the latest Bluestacks 5 version to play BGMI on PC.

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Do note that Krafton is yet to confirm an official emulator for the game and players should use the emulator at their own discretion. Bluestacks 5 gives users the ability to customise controls, resulting in better precision for players who prefer gaming on PC. Additionally, the emulator has a feature called Smart Control for better in-game mouse control. Let’s take a look at how you can play BGMI on PC.

BGMI for PC: how to download and play Battlegrounds Mobile India on Bluestacks?

Bluestacks 5 Android emulator supports BGMI gameplay on PC

Bluestacks 5 Android emulator supports BGMI gameplay on PC

As of now, the latest Bluestacks 5 is the only emulator in India that supports Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on PC in India. In case you want to take the leap and enjoy tools like keymapping and smart control offered by Bluestacks to improve your BGMI gameplay experience, here’s how to play BGMI on PC.

  1. Download the BlueStacks 5 emulator online
  2. Once downloaded, install the emulator on your computer
  3. After installing, open BlueStacks and access the Google Play Store inside it
  4. Sign in using your Google account
  5. Search for Battlegrounds Mobile India
  6. Download it to the emulator interface
  7. Fire up the game within the emulator
  8. Log in with your Facebook or Twitter account
  9. Set your keyboard controls to your preference using the default control mapping feature from the overhead menu
  10. Start playing

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BGMI: minimum system requirements for Bluestacks 5

According to the official Bluestacks website, playing Battlegrounds Mobile India on a PC has minimal requirements. Your Windows or Mac laptop must have the following to be able to play BGMI.

  1. 4GB RAM
  2. Windows 7 or above
  3. Intel or AMD processor

Advantages of playing BGMI on Bluestacks

Playing Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on PC using Bluestacks 5 has two distinct advantages for players. The first one is the integrated keymapping tool, which lets users create custom controls for the game. This lets players use their keyboard and mouse for BGMI, just like the PC version of the game. Playing with keyboard and mouse ensures improved precision while aiming, firing, and moving in-game.

Secondly, Bluestacks 5 offers Smart Control, which detects what the player is doing in-game and automatically locks and unlocks the mouse cursor in that context. For example, most players have Fire Mode engaged in-game and Bluestacks Smart Control will lock the mouse cursor to help players freely aim and fire by moving the mouse, just like PC shooter games. This lets players concentrate on the gameplay instead of having to switch control modes every time they open the menu.

Disadvantages of playing BGMI on Bluestacks

As mentioned earlier, Bluestacks isn’t officially recognized as an emulator by Krafton. This means that playing the game on PC could result in an account suspension or ban.

In addition, it appears that playing BGMI on Bluestacks is resulting in some FPS drops, lags and freezes for some users, which could affect your gameplay.

Lastly, if you aren’t a seasoned PC gamer, you will need to get used to keyboard shortcuts to play the game on PC.

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