Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): list of offences that result in a permanent ban for players

Krafton recently rolled out the beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India for all pre-registered users. The most awaited game title has finally landed for many users who applied for early access. BGMI is nothing but an Indian version of PUBG Mobile which was banned in the country back in September 2020. Ever since the ban, gaming enthusiasts were eyeing the relaunch of the game.

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Krafton has implemented some strict regulations for BGMI, including sending users reminders for when they’ve played the game for too long. The developer also updated its website revealing the changes to rules of conduct. Meanwhile, the company has also shared the penalty criteria for misconduct, so if you are not obeying the rules then you might be banned from the game for either a specified duration or permanently. Here is the list of misconducts which you should avoid.

BGMI: penalty criteria for permanent ban

Depending on the offense, players can get banned from BGMI for anywhere between three days or permanently. Make sure you refrain from the following behaviour to avoid getting banned.

  • Use or development of advertising, trade or distribute unauthorized programs or hardware devices – Permanent ban
  • Investigate the use of unauthorized programs or hardware devices will lead to a 3-day ban
  • Modification of game client, servers and game data – Permanent Ban
  • Exploiting bugs and glitches – Permanent Ban
  • Discriminatory Act (e.g. racial and sexual discrimination) – Permanent Ban
  • Inappropriate use of language (e.g. profanity or other offensive languages) – 30-day Ban
  • Usage of inappropriate nicknames and clan names – 90-day Ban (nickname and clan name will be changed without your consent)
  • Teamkilling – Permanent Ban
  • Teaming – Permanent Ban
  • Gameplay Interference – 30-day Ban
  • Stalking – Permanent Ban
  • Publishing Personal Information – Permanent Ban
  • Abusing – Permanent Ban
  • Usage of Another User’s Account / Restrict the Usage of Account – Permanent Ban
  • Abusive Use of AFK – Permanent Ban
  • Disturbing Business Operations – Permanent Ban
  • Abnormal Gameplay – Permanent Ban
  • Inappropriate Advertisement – Permanent Ban
  • Inappropriate Use of Profile Photo (Inappropriate text or images in profile photo, use of someone else’s photo, etc.) – 90-day Ban.
  • Abnormal Payment and Subscription – Permanent Ban
  • Abuse of Open market store Policies and Processes – Permanent Ban
  • Trade/Sell Accounts – Permanent ban
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