BGMI players spot Chinese text and PUBG Mobile references in game: report  

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available in India. Krafton had rolled out the early access of the PUBG Mobile remake a couple of weeks back and in this time frame, we have witnessed a series of bugs reported by beta testers. In the latest development, it has been reported that community players have spotted Chinese text in-game as well as references to the now-banned PUBG Mobile. 

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According to a report from MySmartPrice, several players have witnessed Chinese text appearing in some of the in-game dialogue boxes. Meanwhile, some players have reported that the game is still referring to PUBG Mobile instead of Battlegrounds Mobile India in some places.

If you go through the screenshots we have attached in the article you will notice exactly what we are talking about. It seems that the game developers has missed making some major changes with the code while revamping the game. Given that Krafton was recently in trouble after it was revealed that user data was being sent to servers in China, the new developments are a cause for concern. 

Back in September, PUBG Mobile was banned in India over concerns about national security. It’s no secret that BGMI is a rebadged version of PUBG Mobile with a few changes. The game features a few key differences, such as replacing red blood splashes with a green colour. Moreover, the game title sends a break reminder after every 45 minutes of gameplay. Krafton has also added stricter parental controls and also asks players if they are above 18 years of age or not. BGMI also reminds players to take a rest from time to time if they play for too long in a single day.

BGMI is yet to be launched officially, and the users are still on the beta version. We can expect the developers to roll out further changes before the game is available to download for all users. 


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