BGMI: how to report cheaters through In-Game Report Channel and customer service

Battlegrounds Mobile India has officially launched in India following an early release. Now that the game has a large number of active players, the issue of hackers and cheaters like we saw in PUBG Mobile are surfacing on BGMI as well. 

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Krafton has a dedicated Q&A section on its support page, revealing what measures you can take to report a cheater. The developer is very clear that it will not entertain any forms of cheating, and is offering players three ways to report unfair gameplay. These include contacting customer service and using the in-game report channel. If you’ve encountered cheaters during your stint while playing BGMI, follow one of the steps below to report them to Krafton. 

BGMI: how to report cheater through in-game customer service and customer email

If you encounter someone cheating in the game, you can report them through customer email. You will need to send a video link or an attachment video of the cheating behavior to the customer care email ID with the below given template:

  1. Report ticket title: Report hacker
  2. Content: Cheater’s nickname & UID
  3. Video Link: YouTube video link or Attachment video file
  4. Cheating description: Explain cheating tools or cheating behaviour used
  5. Resources of cheat tools: If you know the tool used for cheating, such as a specific website, include it in the mail. 

Do note that you can report the cheater via in-game customer service as well. The format and process remain the same, all you have to do is to click the “Report” button and follow the steps above. 

BGMI: how to report cheater through in-game channel

You can report a cheater or hacker with the help of an in-game report channel. All you need to do is to follow the given below steps. 

  1. If you get killed by a cheater, tap the “Report” button placed at the lower-left corner of the result page to report the cheater.
  2. If the cheater is your friend or in your squad, tap the “Report” button of the Statistics page and Tier Overview page in his/her profile to report the cheater.
  3. If the cheater is not a friend but you know their nickname, you need to search for the nickname in the “Add Friend” page in “Friend” for the profile. Then tap on the profile, look for the “Report” button in the lower left corner of the Statistics page and Tier Overview page to report the cheater.
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