BGMI server error: how to fix ‘Server did not respond’ and login errors in Battlegrounds Mobile India


  • Battlegrounds Mobile India players have been facing server issues
  • Some users are also unable to login
  • There are a few fixes you can try to resolve the issues

Battlegrounds Mobile India has been facing a lot of server issues today as reported by players. Users are getting either of the two errors i.e. server did not respond and authentication errors. 

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Additionally, the majority of users who are reporting the two issues seem to be playing the game on Airtel networks. It appears that Airtel is having trouble connecting to BGMI errors. If you are also facing the same server-related error, you can follow the steps below and try to resolve the issue.

BGMI server error: how to resolve server did not respond issues

BGMI server issues

BGMI players should ensure their device have a stable internet connection to avoid any server related issues

Some BGMI players have reported encountering an error message that says ‘Server did not respond. Please return to the login page and try again’. Server errors usually happen due to a weak network connection. Additionally, a high ping of 360 – 369ms is said to be the reason for unresponsive servers. There are various ways to resolve this issue in the steps below. 

  • If you are playing on a cellular network, consider changing the connection to WiFi. 
  • Close any other applications running in the background and restart the game
  • Restart your phone and connection and try again. 
  • If you are unable to login, you can clear the game cache in the phone’s Settings and try logging in again.

BGMI: how to fix login issues

In case you’re unable to login to the game, perform the following steps

  • Open the game
  • On the login screen, look for the ‘Repair’ option
  • Select ‘Routine repair’
  • Restart the game
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