BGMI: how to transfer PUBG account linked to email or Google Play Games to Battlegrounds Mobile India


  • BGMI only allows data transfer from PUBG Mobile accounts linked to Twitter or Facebook
  • Data migration is not officially possible through Google Play Games and email linked accounts
  • However, it there is a workaround for the same

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is now available to download for all users. The game developers provided a convenient option to transfer user data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI. However, this was restricted only to users who were logged in with Facebook and Twitter accounts. This meant that users who have alternative login methods, such as Google Play Games or email, were not able to transfer their PUBG data.

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The good news is that there’s a workaround for such users, posted courtesy of GemWire. If you have a Google Play Games or email ID login for your PUBG Mobile account and want to migrate your data to BGMI, here’s how to do so.

How to transfer PUBG Mobile account linked with email or Google Play Games to BGMI

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Krafton now allows migration of PUBG account linked to email or Google Play Games to BGMI

If you have a PUBG Mobile account login linked to Facebook or Twitter, go to this link to follow the steps to migrate your data to BGMI. If you have a Google Play Games or email login, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your PUBG Mobile account by using a VPN
  • Link the account to your Twitter or Facebook ID
  • After the PUGB Mobile account is linked to Twitter/Facebook, open BGMI
  • Navigate to the data transfer portal and migrate your data by logging in through your Twitter/Facebook account

Battlegrounds Mobile India has said that there is no revert after PUBG Mobile data is migrated to BGMI. In other words, users will not be able to log in to the global version with their migrated ID.

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The data transfers will be available only until December 31st, 2021. Some of the data that can be transferred include nicknames, character IDs, season rewards, mission progress, achievements, space gifts, in-game currency, inventory, weapons, settings, and so on. The data that cannot be transferred includes login details, in-game email, ranking, achievement rank data, friends, clan data, some settings, and so on.

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