BGMI UC offers: how to get UC at a discount or effectively free in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India offers several in-game items and the ability to personalise characters with skins, apparel and more. While some of the items are free to use, the best ones are locked and need to be purchased by players. To unlock these items, players need to purchase UC (Unknown Cash), which is equivalent to in-game credits used to purchase items. 

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For a beginner, purchasing UC might not be the wisest choice. Even mid-level or pro players might be strapped for cash, which renders several premium items in the game unavailable. However, there are some methods you can use to get free or discounted UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India. You can use these methods to earn UC in the game, and use it to purchase your favourite outfits, guns, skins, characters and other in-game items. Here is how you can get free or bonus UC in BGMI without spending real cash. 

What is UC in BGMI?

BGMI UC currency

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, the in-game customization is virtually unlimited. Meaning there are hundreds of outfits to try or mix to create something unique. Additionally, the game has a skin section where players can purchase skins for guns, grenades, and parachutes. Some gun skins are so rare that only a handful of people have them. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop aiming for your favourite skins. 

Unknown cash, popularly known as UC is the in-game currency for Battlegrounds Mobile India. This currency is available inside the game as well as on other affiliated websites like Codashop. BGMI UC is used to purchase items, skins, character bundles, royale passes and other items in the game. UC costs real money, and that’s why players look for alternative ways to get UC for discounted prices or effectively free. 

Since players have to buy UC with actual money, they are always looking for some kind of discount on UC so they can get better value for their money.  

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BGMI UC package price and bonus UC amount  

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, UC comes in packages. Users can purchase a UC package and get the amount mentioned in the package plus a bonus amount. Krafton updates the UC packages from time to time. At the time of writing this, a package of 60 UC costs Rs 75, and goes up to Rs 7,500 for a 6000+ UC package. Here are the UC packages currently available to buy inside BGMI.

  • 60 UC for Rs 75
  • 300 UC + 25 UC free for Rs 380
  • 600 UC + 60 UC free for Rs 750
  • 1500 UC + 300 UC free for Rs 1,900
  • 3000 UC + 850 UC free for Rs 3,800
  • 6000 UC + 2100 UC free for Rs 7,500

However, as mentioned above, there are more ways to earn free UC in BGMI. Here is a list of all the methods you can use to earn UC at a discounted price or free. Please be aware of unconventional methods like hacks and scripts for obtaining UC in the game. Doing so can result in a ban or account suspension. The following are tried and tested methods to get free UC in BGMI. 

BGMI UC discount offers

If you want to UC at a discount, Codashop currently offers the best deals. Alternatively, if you purchase a BGMI Royale Pass, you’ll get bonus UC and free UC if you achieve certain ranks.

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Codashop is an official third-party website to purchase UC in BGMI. During special events, Codashop runs a discount offer for purchasing UC and even gives away free UC for select players. You can head over to Codashop India and check out the ongoing offers and discounts. Codashop is currently offering additional free UC compared to the in-game store.

For example, you get 6 free UC with the 60 UC package, 55 free UC with the 300 UC package, 120 free UC with the 600 UC package, 450 free UC with the 1500 UC package, 1150 free UC with the 3000 UC package and 2700 free UC with the 6000 UC package.

Currently, Codashop is also running these offers on its website.

  • Get up to Rs 750 Cashback using Paytm Wallet ( October 18th, 2021 to October 31st, 2021)
  • Get cashback up to Rs 750 using MobiKwik (October 6th, 2021 to October 31st, 2021)

BGMI Royale pass

Royale Pass is the main method for BGMI and PUBG: Mobile players to earn character bundles, gun skins and other pro-level objects. It is a seasonal event that allows players to complete a bunch of in-game missions in exchange for limited edition outfits, skins and crate bundles. With every new season, games like PUBG Mobile and BGMI offer these passes to players. Currently, Royale Pass M4 is the latest Royale pass in the game and you can get the following UC offers by purchasing the new pass.

  • Confirmed free 60 UC on purchase of Royale pass or Elite Royal Plus Pass.
  • Free 60 UC if you cross the rank 30 in this season.
  • Free 60 UC if you purchase the BGMI M4 Royale Pass Elite Royale Pass and reach rank 47.
  • Free 60 UC  if you purchase the BGMI Royale Pass and reach rank 47 in two months.

BGMI time-limited UC

BGMI introduced Time-limited UC, where players can earn a time-bounded UC which can be used to purchase items from the limited UC shop. There are different methods to earn time-limited UC. Currently, BGMI is hosting the “the part is on!” event where players can earn up to 3000 time-limited UC. In order to claim the UC, players need to stay online on November 11th, 2021 and grab the UC offer when it arrives. This UC can only be used inside the limited UC shop and can be redeemed for limited items.

How to get free UC in BGMI

While there’s no direct method of getting free UC in BGMI, there are a few workarounds you can use to get it for effectively free. All of these require a bit of work, but if you’re short on cash, they are the best options.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards are the ultimate way to earn Google Play credits. By answering some simple surveys, you can earn free Credit for your Google Play account. You can use this balance to purchase movies, books, audiobooks, games, apps and other paid items inside Google Play Store. However, if you select Google Play as your payment method for BGMI, you can easily purchase BGMI UC using your Google Play Credits. You can download the Google Opinion Rewards app on your smartphone and start filling up surveys to earn Google Play credits. Once you’ve collected an adequate amount of credits, use them to redeem UC packages inside BGMI. 

Poll Pay Up

Poll Pay Up is similar to Google Opinion Rewards. It features paid and non-paid surveys, and upon completing them, you can earn real money, gift cards, Paypal credits, and more. You can use this method to get high-paying surveys and complete them for an exchange of real money. Users can simply head over to Poll Pay Up website or download the mobile app via Google Play Store. After that, sign up for a user account and start filling up surveys. Once you’ve collected the amount, open BGMI and choose Paypal as your method of payment to purchase UC.

Custom rooms tournaments

Pro players, gaming enthusiasts and esports companies often initiate Custom rooms tournaments. To participate in the tournament, a player must have a room card and access to the room. Depending upon the rules of the tournament, the administrator may or may not include UC giveaways. However, for every pro-level tournament, participants get free UC, royale pass, skin giveaways and much more. You can find these tournaments on gaming channels on Youtube or gaming subreddits. Once you’ve entered the custom room tournament, try winning the game to earn the maximum gifts, and if you’re lucky, the game admin might giveaway free UC to you and your team.


The Indian gaming industry is flourishing right now. You can find multiple pro players in games like BGMI, Free Fire, League of Legends, CS:GO, and PUBG mobile in every state of India. Most of these players are also content creators and run multiple giveaways every other day. If you follow esports in India then you can participate in these giveaways you earn free UC for BGMI. Usually, the giveaway tasks include following these creators on their social accounts or commenting on their Youtube videos. If you’re creative and spend some time looking through these giveaways, you can participate and win UC, royal passes, skins and other in-game items. 

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