BGMI rolls out patch to fix issue with UC purchase rewards

Battlegrounds Mobile India is still in a beta version, and therefore encountering bugs is to be expected. We have already witnessed some teething issues in the last couple of weeks, such as errors with map downloads and matchmaking, and the prices of UC being higher than the global version. The good news is that Krafton quickly rolled out patches to fix these. Most recently, players reported that they were not able to claim purchase bonus rewards after buying UC, the in-game currency.

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Many users have reported this issue on BGMI’s official forums and on Twitter. Earlier today the game developers have confirmed the arrival of the patch and it will automatically apply for all the beta testers. Let’s have a closer look at the newly announced patch for the purchase bonus reward issue.

BGMI patches UC purchase issue

BGMI users can now claim their UC purchase rewards

Krafton has stated that the issue of not being able to claim the purchase reward after buying UC has been fixed through a patch. By purchase reward, the developers mean the bonus items that a player gets for purchasing 60UC or 120UC. The patch was rolled out on June 24th at 7pm IST, which means users who were unable to claim their UC purchase rewards before this can do so now. Further, the announcement states that the patch will be automatically applied when a user reconnects to the game.

A recent report revealed that Krafton is gearing up to conduct a huge esports tournament in India soon. It seems that the company is already in talks with teams and players about the first BGMI tournament. The esports tournament is said to be similar to what was conducted with PUBG Mobile.

However, since the game is still in beta form and the stable version is yet to be launched, we might have to wait for a while for an official announcement.

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