Blackberry Passes On The Torch; TCL To Design And Manufacture Phones

Smartphone maker Blackberry, known for making secure and robust devices will now stop manufacturing them. Blackberry devices will still exist thanks to their partnership with TCL. The Canadian smartphone giant has signed a deal with TCL, giving it the rights to build, sell and offer support for phones with the Blackberry name.


TCL has been in the mobile industry for quite some time now and is the parent company for Alcatel. The deal isn’t a surprise either, as the Blackberry DTEK50 and the Blackberry DTEK60 are both made by TCL.
The Alcatel Idol 4 was rebranded as the DTEK 50 and was loaded up with software from Blackberry.

The arrangement is “long-term”, and Blackberry will be licensing its software and apps for the whole deal. Ralph Pini, (Chief Operating Officer- Blackberry) explains that the deal is beneficial for Blackberry as it won’t have to spend resources for hardware. The company can instead focus on software and security.

“This long-term agreement might benefit BlackBerry since it doesn’t need to waste its resources on the hardware side of things but instead can focus on its forte: software and security.”

Blackberry was having a tough time selling its smartphone in the market. In India, most of their devices were ridiculously overpriced. The higher price only offered BB’s software as a USP while it faced stiff competition from iPhones and high-end Samsung phones. With TCL behind the driver’s seat, Blackberry only has to deliver on the software front.

Will this arrangement work out? Only time will tell.

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