Bose Sleepbuds launched in India for Rs 22,900

Bose has launched Sleepbuds, its new pair of in-ear headphones in India. Compared to conventional earphones, the Sleepbuds have been designed to promote sound sleep. They can block undesirable noises like traffic and snoring by playing soothing audio tracks.

Bose_noise-masking_sleepbuds (6)-min

The Sleepbuds feature patented ear tips called StayHear+ Sleep in three sizes, that ensure there’s no discomfort to the user irrespective of the sleep position. They are ultra-lightweight, with each bud weighing just 1.4 grams. The company claims that the Sleepbuds are the smallest ever Bose product. They are pre-loaded with 10 “sleeptracks” that are basically relaxing audio tracks. They can be paired to a smartphone using Bluetooth LE, and the Bose Sleep companion app can be used to select a sleeptrack. Sleepbuds are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Bose_noise-masking_sleepbuds (4)-min

Users can also set wake-up alarms on the Sleepbuds. The alarm won’t disturb others as it will be only heard by the person who has worn the earbuds. Bose Sleepbuds systems engineer Daniel Lee claims that the noise-masking technology available on Sleepbuds is even better than the company’s active-noise cancelling technology.

The Sleepbuds feature a rechargeable zinc battery that can last for up to 16 hours on a single charge. They come with a brushed aluminum charging case.

The sales of Sleepbuds will begin in India starting from September 20th with a price tag of Rs. 22,900. It can be bought through multiple platforms such as Bose outlets, select resellers,, Amazon India and Flipkart.


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