Bought an iPad 3rd Gen Recently? Don’t Be Disappointed

Apple is playing defensive and they are doing it by bending some of their own unsaid rules. With the iPhone, Apple took a huge lead in 2007 and somehow the competition has managed to catchup with them. There was nothing in sight that could compete with the iPhone in 2009. So, how did that happen?

Well, Apple maintained a year long refresh cycle for the iPhone. They went over a year with the iPhone 4 before announcing the iPhone 4S. Certainly, they have realised that the lead they hold with tablets needs to be preserved and what we saw today at Apple’s iPad announcement is just a testimony of that.

Apple updated the iPad with a faster processor, added the obvious lightening port that came with the iPhone 5 and has discontinued the iPad 3rd generation. For anyone who bought the new iPad with Retina Display in the last 6 months, this is disappointment on the face of it. But wait. Look at the iPad 2, it still sells. There is another way to look at the 4th generation iPad.

Apple iPad 4th Generation

Practically nothing changes. Same camera, same screen specs with a faster processor. Honestly, most users won’t feel the difference. Some magical calculations tell us that 99.25% of users reading this post won’t feel the difference when using the 4th gen iPad compared to the previous one. While Apple calls it a 4th gen iPad, what it really is a minor bump to the 3rd gen iPad (say 3.5 gen), adding some more LTE support, faster WiFi and a faster processor. If you see the iPad page on, it reads iPad with Retina Display. And that’s what it is. The biggest feature on the 2012 iPad was the Retina Display.

The question remains, when would the 5th generation iPad go on sale? Will the iPhone 5 get an upgrade in less than a year? And most importantly, when would they break the yearly upgrade cycle for iOS!

#the naming is confusing. Super confusing. Let’s just call it the iPad. Please. 



  1. The idea is to bring all non-phone related updates together in October event. So new iPad will come in next October.

    • Ustaad
    • October 24, 2012

    Deep, that would be true is they see 4th gen as a new device. But what if they see it as an extension to the 3rd gen?

  2. Yes but they cannot release new one soon and they cannot keep one single latest device running on old charging ports. They had to streamline everything so people who buy iPhone or iPad won’t have to keep different sets of chargers, cables etc..

    They could not come up with lighting port earlier as they wanted that to come with iPhone5.

    That’s what my assumption is.

    • Baba
    • October 24, 2012

    Agree to that!

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