Top Brain Teaser Puzzle Questions with Answers

Brain teasers are great fun. Have you ever found yourself looking at a puzzle and solving it mentally, even if you didn’t have time to do the whole thing? Well, you’re not alone. A good brain teaser is a great mental workout. You get to exercise those grey cells for a good cause! Brain teasers are also compulsory in competitive exams like CAT, so brushing up your problem-solving skills isn’t a bad idea if you are a prospective MBA student. Solving brain teasers is excellent for the general public and those who want to sharpen their analytical and critical thinking skills. There are several thousand brain teasers that are floating around the internet. Given below are some examples. These puzzles provide a great mental workout for you, so get ready to solve them. 

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Top Brain Teaser Puzzle Questions with Answers to Solve

Brain Teaser Puzzle Questions

Q1) The hands of a clock are pointing in opposite directions but in a straight line how many times a day? 


  1. A) 22 B) 20
  2. C) 48 D) 24

Answer -Every 12 hours, the hands of a clock point in divergent directions (as between 5 and 7, they point in opposite directions at 6 o clock). 22 times is the number of times the hands point in the same direction

Q2) A woman has 53 stockings in her drawer: 21 identical blue, 15 identical black, and 17 identical red. Suddenly, out go the lights, leaving her in darkness. How many stockings must she take out to ensure she has at least 1 pair of black stockings? 


Answer:40 stockings. If 38 stockings are taken out (adding 21 and 17), it is possible they could all be red or blue. To ensure she also has a pair of black socks, she must take out 2 more socks. 

Q3)A particular man rode a horse into town. Coming in on Sunday, he spent 3 days and left on Sunday. How did this happen?


Answer – The horse was named Sunday

Q4)A clock starts at noon. At 10 minutes past 5, how many degrees does the hour hand turn through?


  1. A) 145 B) 150
  2. C) 155 D) 160

Answer – Answer: C) 155

Explanation: The hour hand traces a 360-degree angle in 12 hours. 

5 hours 10 minutes=angle traced by hour hand.  i.e., 31/6 hrs = (36012*316)∘= 155º

Q5) 2 ropes take an hour to burn but unequally. How to measure 45 mins?


Answer: As both ropes burn unequally, it is impossible to light one end of one rope, waiting for 75% burns. The 2nd rope is at one end at the same time, and the first rope at both ends is lit. 30 mins is the time taken by the 1st rope to burn. As soon as the first rope burns out, light the second one’s end. As the second rope’s time taken by the 2nd rope to burn is 30 minutes, the remaining rope shall take 30 minutes to burn. Lighting it on both sides will bring that down to 15 mins, adding a total of 45 mins for you. 

Q6) 3 cuts must make 8 equal pieces of a birthday cake. How will you divide this? 

 Birthday Cake

Answer-Cut the cake horizontally and then vertically across the middle. The cake will get divided into 4 equal bits using the above division. Then all you need to do is stack the 4 bits on top of each other and divide that by half, giving you 8 equal pieces of cake. 

Q7) 6 cows were seen walking towards the river by 1 crow. 2 baboons were seen going towards the river by each cow. 1 tortoise was held in each baboon’s hand. How many animals are proceeding toward the river? 

Cow Vector PNG HD Image 10 - PNG #4673 - Free PNG Images | Starpng

A) 8 B) 5 C) 11 D) 15

Answer-1 crow is going to the river, and these 6 cows saw 2 baboons going towards the river. As each baboon is holding a tortoise, hence the total number of animals going to the river is

= 1 + 2 + 2 = 5.

Q8) A tiger and an antelope are met in the forest by a girl. The tiger lies each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, speaking the truth on the other days. The antelope lies on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and the rest of the days of the week, he is truthful. The tiger and the antelope both told the girl they were lying yesterday. What day was it?

Jumping tiger Vector Art Stock Images | Depositphotos

Answer: Thursday. They both don’t lie on Sunday, but because the tiger also tells the truth on Saturday (yesterday), it cannot be Sunday. Thursday happens to be the only day one of the creatures is lying, and one of them is telling the truth. 

Q9) A particular watch on Monday is 2 minutes slow at noon; on the following Monday, it is 4 mins and 48 seconds fast. When was the time accurate? 


  1. A) 2 p.m. on Tuesday           B) 2 p.m. on Wednesday
  2. C) 3 p.m. on Thursday D) 1 p.m. on Friday

Answer: B) 2 p.m. on Wednesday

170 hours = 7 days 2 hours i.e time from noon on Monday to 2 pm on the subsequent Monday. In 170 hours the watch gains (2+445) mins or 345 mins. Now,  345 min are gained in 170 hrs, 2 min.are gained in(170*534*2) hrs=50 hrs. Watch is correct for 2 days and 2 hrs. after 12 p.m. on Monday i.e., it will be correct at 2 p.m. on Wednesday.

Q10) There are 3 people called Ram, Shyam, and Ramesh, of which one is a knave, one a knight, and the other a spy. The knight is always truthful, the knave lies constantly and the spy can do neither. According to Ram, Ramesh is a knave. According to Shyam, Ram is a knight. According to Ramesh, he is a spy. Who is the knave, the spy and the knight? 

Three men vector Vector Art Stock Images | Depositphotos

Answer-Well, Shyam is lying because if he weren’t, there would be 2 knights, so Shyam is either the spy or the knave. Ramesh cannot be the knight because then he would be lying. Hence, Ram is the knight, Shyam is the spy, and Ramesh is the knave. 

Q11) The angle of the hour hand and minute hand of a clock at 3:40 is – 

Alarm clock Vectors & Illustrations for Free Download | Freepik

A)135 degrees B) 130 degrees C) 125 degrees D) 120 degrees

Answer-Answer: C) 130 degrees


In 12 hours, the angle created by the hour hand. = 360º.

In 11/3 hours, angle traced by hour hand=  (36012*113)∘=110∘

In 60 mins, angle traced by minute hand = 360º.

In 40 minutes, angle traced by minute hand. =(360/60*40)°=240°

Required angle (240 – 110)º = 130º.

Q 12) A farmer wishes to go across a river and carry a tiger, a cow, and some grass. He has one boat that can only accommodate the tiger, the grass, or the cow. If the tiger and cow are left alone, one will eat the other. If the cow and the grass are left alone on the shore, the former will eat the latter. How to bring the tiger, cow, and grass across the river without consuming each other?

Farmer Woman

Answer: The cow is taken across by the farmer, who returns alone and takes the tiger across but returns with the cow. The farmer then takes the grass, leaving it with the tiger, and returns alone to get the cow. 

Q 13) A man is looking at a picture of a person. A friend asks him who it is, to which the man replies that he has no brothers and sisters, but that man’s father is his father’s son. Who was in the photo?


Answer: His son.

Q 14) One man is playing Russian Roulette with a 6-shooter pistol. He puts in a bullet, spins the chamber, and fires, but nothing happens. The other guy gets the choice of spinning the chamber before firing a second time. Must he spin again? 


Answer: Yes, he should because before spinning, there’s a 1 in 6 chance of a bullet being fired. After a spin, one of those chances is gone, leaving a one in 5 chance, making it more possible for a bullet to be fired. It would be prudent to spin again. 

Q 15) How many times is it possible to subtract 10 from 100? 

19,961 Number 100 Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

  1. A) 0 times B) 1 times
  2. C) 10 time D) 9 times

Answer – Answer: C)  Only once because if you subtract 10 from 100, it becomes 90. 

Q 16) Sarah and Amy played tennis. They bet a dollar on each game they played. Sarah won 3 bets, and Amy one 5 dollars. How many games were played? 

Tennis player

Answer: They played 11 games. Amy lost 3 games to Susan, she lost 3 dollars (1 USD per game). Hence she needed to win back that amount with 3 more games and then win another 5 games to win 5 dollars. 

Q 17) What is two days after day after day before yesterday? There’s the day before yesterday. What are two days after the day after that day? 


Answer: Tomorrow, as two days ago was the day before yesterday, the day before yesterday was yesterday, and 2 days after that is tomorrow.

Q 18) There are 2 marbles in each of the 3 bags. Bag X contains 2 white marbles, bag Y contains 2 black marbles, and bag Z has one white and one black marble. If the marble you pick out of a random bag turns out white. What is the probability of the rest of the marbles from the same bag also being white?

Answer: 2 out of 3. You don’t know, but you have bag Y. But since Bag X has 2 white marbles, you may have picked either marble; if you take 4 marbles in total from Bag X and Z, 3 white and one black, you will have a higher chance of picking up a white marble. 

Q 19) If  1 1 1 1 = R

    2 2 2 2 = T

    3 3 3 3 = E

    4 4 4 4 = N

Then  5 5 5 5 = ?


A) Y B) Z C) T D) X

Answer- Answer: A) Y

The RHS will be the last letter of the sum transcribed in words if you add all the terms of the LHS equally. 

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 = FOUR

2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 = EIGHT

3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12 = TWELVE

4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 16 = SIXTEEN

So, following the same pattern.

5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 20 = TWENTY

That gives us our answer to 5 5 5 5 =  “Y.”

Q 20) 3 men lined up in front of each other. The tallest guy is at the back and can see two heads in front of him, the middle guy can see the one man in front of him, and the guy in the front cannot see anyone. All 3 men are blindfolded, and hats are placed on their heads, taken from 3 black and 2 white hats. The 2 different hats are taken away, and the blindfolds are removed. The tallest guy is asked if he is aware of the color of the hat he is wearing, and he replies in the negative. The middle man to doesn’t know the color of his hat. The guy in front, however, who can’t see anyone, says he knows. How is this possible, and what color hat is this man wearing? 

Three men

Answer: The guy standing in front knew he and the middle man were not wearing white hats, or the guy in the back would’ve been aware of his black hat (As there are only 2 white hats). The man standing in the front also knows that the middle guy did not view him with a white hat. If he had done so, based on the answer of the tallest man, the middle guy would know that he was donning a black hat. The guy in front wears a black hat.