BSNL message centre number: List of All States BSNL Message Center/SMS Center Number

BSNL is the last standing state-run network carrier in the nation. The telco has its presence nationwide. The company offers a variety of services to its users. If you are a company user facing issues with sending or receiving messages, this article you need right now. In this article, we will discuss the issue in detail, so let’s dig in:

What is BSNL SMS Center?

BSNL SMSC (Short Message Service Center) is a message distribution centre that process SMS operations of a wireless network. Its purpose is to store, forward, convert, and deliver SMS (Short Message Service). It routes SMS and regulates the process. Let’s try to understand it better: When a user sends an SMS, it first reaches the SMS Center and then is forwarded to the individual recipient. If you are facing an issue in sending/receiving SMS, it is probably related to SMS Center and can be quickly resolved. You can also explore other BSNL-related information here.

State-wise List of BSNL SMS Center Numbers

The undermentioned Table contains the list of states along with their respective SMS Center numbers:

States BSNL SMS Center number
BSNL Andhra Pradesh Center Number +91 94420099997
BSNL Arunachal Pradesh Center Number +91 9434099997
BSNL Assam Center Number +91 9434099997
BSNL Bihar Center Number +91 9434099997
BSNL Chhattisgarh Center Number +91 9422099997
BSNL Chennai Center Number N/A
BSNL Delhi Center Number N/A
BSNL Goa Center Number +91 9422099997
BSNL Gujrat Center Number +91 9422099997
BSNL Haryana Center Number +91 9417099997
BSNL Himachal Pradesh Center Number +91 9417099997
BSNL Jammu and Kashmir Center Number +91 9417099997
BSNL Jharkhand Center Number +91 9434099997
BSNL Karnataka Center Number +91 9442099997
BSNL Kerala Center Number +91 9442099997
BSNL Madhya Pradesh Center Number +91 9422099997
BSNL Maharashtra Center Number +91 9422099997
BSNL Mumbai Center Number N/A
BSNL Kolkata Center Number +91 9433024365
BSNL Mizoram Center Number +91 9434099997
BSNL Nagaland Center Number +91 9434099997
BSNL Odisha Center Number +91 9434099997
BSNL Punjab Center Number +91 9417099997
BSNL Rajasthan Center Number +91 9417099997
BSNL Telangana Center Number +91 9442099997
BSNL Tamil Nadu Center Number +91 9442099997
BSNL UP East Center Number +91 9417099997
BSNL UP West Center Number +91 9417099997
BSNL West Bengal Center Number +91 9434099997
BSNL Sikkim Center Number +91 9434099997

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How to change/update the BSNL SMS Center Number

The process to change or update the BSNL SMS Centre Number is very straightforward and quick All you need to do is follow the steps below, and you will be good to go:

  • Just dial *#*#4636#*#* from your BSNL SIM.
  • A pop-up will come up instantly, and you will be presented with the following options:
  • Phone Information
  • Battery Information
  • Usages Statics
  • WLAN Information
  • Click on ‘Phone Information’ and scroll to the bottom until you see the SMSC option.
  • You will find an option called ‘Refresh’; check the current number and replace it with the number mentioned above, depending on your state.
  • Tap on ‘Update’

How do troubleshoot and fix messages not being sent from your BSNL SIM

Before you decide to change your BSNL SMS centre number, try troubleshooting to check if it helps to solve your issue of not being able to send messages from your BSNL number. Just have a look at the following steps:

  • Restart your device: This is one of the simplest things that can be done to solve the issue.
  • Clear cache of the messaging application: Clearing any application’s cache helps eliminate any unwanted process running within the app in the background. It is worth trying the effort.
  • Updating the app to the latest version: Updates help solve any bug or issue the user faces in the existing version of the app faces. Updates generally help to improve the experience and solve any potential issue.
  • Calling customer care: It is one of the last resorts that can help solve the issue you face. On connecting with an executive via customer care, you can explain the problem and he/she will assist you in every way possible.