Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11: release date, list of features, new modes and more

Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11 is here. After an epic conclusion in Season 10, the devs have ramped up the game to its perfection, and players can look forward to the best COD: Mobile experience ever. The update will release on November 16th, 2021, and carries a bunch of new upgrades to the overall game. The new season tends to bring new features, including new modes, maps, weapons, and more. 

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According to TiMi Studio Group, Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11 will carry forward the usual battle royale gameplay with two new weapons – PKM LMG and the D13 Sector launcher. The update will also bring a new map called “Icebreaker”, a replica of a map in Black Ops 4. Additionally, the update offers more content to the players, including free rewards, themed events, and a whole lot of other items inside the game. 

Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11: list of top features 


The Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11 comes with a lot of new features that allow players to test their skills on the battlefield. These features include new maps, Munitions Box, new weapons, and more. 

New maps

Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11 will receive the classic Icebreaker map, which is being reintroduced to the game from Black Ops 4. The map is covered in thick snow and offers a big area to explore. The map is one of the first alterations to the game where players can swim in both the console and mobile versions.

Additionally, two winter-themed maps are added to the game. The first map is the No holiday. This map offers a close-combat area where players can participate in intensive battles. The second map is ‘Nuketown Russia’, a classic map highlighting Russian architecture. It is also covered in thick snow from the group up to the buildings. 

New weapons

Perhaps the biggest update besides the new maps is the two new weapons. The Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11: offers two new weapons from Modern Warfare and one from Black Ops 3. The first is the PKM, which is a Light Machine Gun. The gun offers a big magazine to hold more fire-rounds. The second gun is the D13 Sector, inspired by Black Ops 3. This gun fires grenade-like bullets, which explode after a few seconds. The gun is somewhat similar D13 Sector, which also fires discs that can travel for about 5 seconds before exploding. 

Munitions Box Operator Skill

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 is bringing a lot of cool stuff to the game, and Munitions Box Operator skill is one of the few features that you might have never heard of. In simple words, the Munitions Box is an in-game item that allows you to replenish your ammo and other tactical gear. You can spawn Munitions Box when there is a shortage of ammo in intense battles. However, you must reach Tier 14 in the Battle Pass to spawn the Munitions Box.

Premium Pass Tiers

In Season 11, players will get all the new content in the Final Snow stream. In order to claim these items, you must have purchased the Battle Pass. The Pass items include arctic-themed operators such as the Soap — Cliffhanger, Vagr Modir – Whisper of Winter, Keegan, and more. Moreover, the season also brings in some new weapons, including the KN-44 — Frosted Spikes, the Echo — Tasty Treat, MSMC — Deceitful Deity, and more. 

Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11: list of new modes and events 

COD M S11 modes

Besides the new features, Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11 also comes with new gaming modes. Players can look forward to new events such as the  “Holiday OP”, which is a winter-themed event for the season. Here is a quick look at all the game events and gaming modes for Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11.

Holiday OP event 

Since it’s wintertime, video games companies are focusing on winter-themed events. Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 11 added a new event called “Holiday OP”. Inside the event, players have to collect battle stars throughout the maps. Upon collecting a given number of stars, players can complete the unsolved password to unlock mysterious gifts in Battle Royale Map.

Ho-Ho-Hot Drops event

The Ho-Ho-Hot Drops is another winter-themed event for COD: Mobile Season 11. The mode features winter-themed items throughout the matches, and players can earn points by defeating the enemies. Once enough points are collected, a passcode will be visible to players. This passcode will be used to unlock a special drop location in Battle Royale.

Undead Siege – Hell mode

The Undead Siege – Hell mode is one of the most engaging modes in Season 11. According to developers, the Undead Siege – Hell mode will be based on a Blackout map with intensive difficulties and hurdles. The mode onboards the undead as you walk your way through empty roads in the apocalyptic world.

Snow Scuffle mode

Snow Scuffle is a new mode in COD: Mobile. Inside the mode, players have to aim at the head of their opponents and shoot them with snowballs. Once you’ve defeated the opponents, collect their snowballs and submit them to the designated area. As you level up in the mode, new rewards will be available to you. The reward list includes holiday-themed War Machine, the ability to change your avatar to a snowman and more.

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